Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yo! Check Out My Cover: Famoso "Audio Dope"

Yo! Check Out My Cover: Famoso "Audio Dope"

Audio and Visual Dope!

--Official Stats--
Artist: Famoso and DJ Mickey Knox (of Sirus Radio)
Title: "Audio Dope"
Uploaded to DatPiff: 10/13/2008
Listens: 160

This is where I review an album cover (that's right, just the cover).  AND I make it a point not to listen to the music.  Lazy.

Okay!  I don't know anything about Famoso (except that I don't like his name).  But I can gather a lot of info from the cover of his mixtape Audio Dope.  First, he's probably not that creative.  Honestly, how many times as the comparison between hip hop and drugs been made? A Bazillion?  Probably, and that just so happens to be how many CDs Famoso has stacked up on the boardwalk there.  It's hard to tell what  is going on with that picture as a whole, so I'm going to try to break it down in sections. 

1. There is definitely a city glowing green.  Radiation?  Ghostbusters?  Who knows? It's ambiguous.

2. There is a truck parked in the river.  Either that or it is flooding.  I gather that Famoso has something to do with that truck, but, once again, it's hard to tell.   Maybe his uncle owns the trucking company and we caught Famoso during his night shift.  Who knows? OR maybe he is on break.  That would explain why he is checking his watch.  Get back to work Famoso.

3. There are dogs barking at the city.  Some on the right, and then some more copied, flipped, and pasted on the left.  Are they protecting the Audio Dope?  Or maybe attacking the flood water?  Are they Famoso's attack dogs (or his uncles)? I'm guessing they are spooked by the glowing green city or the storm clouds rolling in (dogs can sense that you know).

4. Stacks!  What an important concept in rap.  Famoso has stacks of CDs, stacks of money (two), stacks of something else there by the truck.  Keep stackin' G.

5. He left his iPod out, right next to his stack of money.  I wonder if he got paid (the cash), bought a new iPod (cool), and is planning to upload all the music from those CDs to it.  That makes sense, it's hard lugging around all of your favorite CDs, especially when you have to watch your uncle's clone dogs during a radiation storm.

6. He looks angry.  I'll tell you what, when I got my iPod I was stoked.  Big Time.  He's probably mad because his truck got flooded out.

7. Anyway, he looks warm and he has plenty of money to get something to eat and a new truck, so things are looking up for Famoso!

Good luck with your mixtape and career, and keep working on those album covers!

Art Score: 0/10

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