Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trackmasters - J. Cole "Enchanted"

Trackmasters - J. Cole "Enchanted"

My mixtape of the year: 2010

Official Stats:
Artist: J. Cole
Title: "Enchanted"
Uploaded to DatPiff: 11/12/2011
Listens: 775,000
Affiliations: Jay-Z, Omen, Fayetteville

This is going to be really short. First, J. Cole is my favorite new artist, his two major release mixtapes have been amazing.  His first (and often pushed back) real album Cole World has promise and BETTER BE GOOD OR ELSE...SERIOUSLY THIS BETTER BE GOOD.  Anyway, one of my favorite tracks off of Friday Night Lights is called "Enchanted" and features Chicago small-time MC Omen (who holds it down by the pound).  So the reason for this post is this: when I hear this track (which is a lot) I always think of the novelty song "Inner City Pressure" by Flight of the Conchords.  This isn't anything against Mr. Cole, both tracks are good in their own way, it's just odd.  For this post, I'm just putting the two songs side by side so you can be the judge if they have similar music (esp. the synthesizers):

J. Cole "Enchanted":

Flight of the Conchords "Inner City Pressure":

Maybe not, I don't know. Or care.

OH: If you haven't heard many J. Cole tracks, check for him.  And if you haven't seen Flight of the Conchords, you'd better see it (if you like jokes that are funny).

Score: 10/10
Comparison Score: 6/10

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