Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Got Something New: Nas "Nasty"

We Got Something New: Nas "Nasty"
Nas dresses appropriately for bad weather, know dat.
Usually when a veteran MC drops a new track i'm like "it's okay" but this one is actually good.  Nas always* brings HQ** tracks.  This one is no different except that it is ridiculously good.  “Good Life” is looking up!  This is like a throwback.  A product of the old school and the newest of the new.  Also, scratching?  Doubletime flow?  Vet level lyrics. What? They still make good hip hop? Apparently.

Well this fits right in with an interview with Nas from a time long ago, before Illmatic dropped (so around 18 years ago) it's kind of amazing to see that Nas’ philosophy still applies today and especially to this track. Mad consistent.

QUESTION – How do you feel getting respect from old and young emcees?
Nas: “It’s a blessing.  I’m a product of hip hop.  I’m a product of the old school and the newest of the new.”

Nas: “I been in this for years, so I’m dedicated to this music.  Respect everybody to get respect.

QUESTION – “You’re style is considered very hardcore.  Would you consider doing remix things with R&B artists?”
Nas: “Whatever, as long as it’s real ill. As long as it’s clever.  As long as I did something good and it sound right.”

Well this is real ill.  You did something good and it sound right.

Anythihng else?

"Excuse the vulgarity, I’m still not fully adjusted / Or used to the new fans hearin’ me spit rapidly"


"Vest on.  Forty-Five still crack ya ribs. Sacrilege: talk trash about the nasty kid.
Past nasty now, I’m gross and repulsive. Talk money, is you jokin’?

Cash everywhere, in my bank, in the sofa /
in the walls, in the cars, in my wallet, in my pocket
On the floors, ceiling, the safe.  Bitch, I got all you envy, but don’t offend me."

Score: 10/10

*since 2001
**High Quality

NASTY (Produced by Salaam Remi) -DIRTY by Nasir Jones

Thanks @darrionbrown11

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  1. The best song of the year so far.