Thursday, November 24, 2011

Track Checker: iNTeLL "Thinkin Bout You"

I'm not one to like soft songs or love songs or anything like that, and this song is that. Actually this song is by iNTeLL, A.K.A. iNTeLLectual, real name Dontae Hawkins, known to you as U-God's Son! Also, U-God has a son old enough to rap and not be a kid? What? I would have NEVER made the connection. But the question is this....actually I have a lot of questions, so the questions are these: Is iNTeLL good at rapping? Has there been a father-son hip hop team? Do other rappers have kids trying to make it in rap? Does it look bad that the blog which is officially documenting every song that U-God ever did is now reviewing a track by U-God's kid? Didn't Master P have a kid that rapped or something? Well, I have questions and I have a lot of unresearched answers, but first, let's check out a track:

What can I say? I'm in a bind, if I say I don't like the track then it looks like I'm just piling it on U-God (which is not the case, we have some integrity here). And if I say I DO like the track then it looks like I'm giving it a positive review because I have so much respect for U-God and the Wu. It's a no-win situation. So I guess I'll say that I'm being honest and you'll have to trust me. You do trust me right?

Okay. So the beat is good and the sample is good (I am an Al Green fan). As for the lyrics, they're okay. They 're defiantly not surprising at all. I mean I've heard this exact same thing before like a thousand times and I would highly recommend that iNTeLL not reference the Wu in his lines. But whatever, that's not a big deal. I think that the biggest problem is that the lyrics are just kind of mundane. I mean they're a lot better than a lot of the stuff that I hear from unsigned artists, but at the same time they're just normal. I'm not wanting to quote them at all, no rewind buttons are being pressed. No eyebrows are being raised.

Now I hate to do this, but it has to be done because that's what everyone is doing anyway. How does iNTeLL compare to U-God on the mic. I know it's not really fair to anyone to do this (son vs. father) and it isn't fair to compare a rookie to a veteran but it is going to happen...right now. I think U-God is more artistic as an MC, and by that I mean that he really says some weird shit in his raps (in a good way). Sure a lot of his lines sound random, and jumbled, but that is a talent and it really stands in contrast to almost every other MC out there with the exception of his Wu brethren. Plus, U-God has a way of sounding epic in his raps, he really does sound like he  could crush the Earth with his hands when he rymes that. He is a giant on the mic. iNTeLL may make sense in his lines, but he isn't saying anything important or epic. Sure he has some clever lines, but he sounds exactly like everyone else. And there are A LOT of people rapping. AND all of them sound exactly like everyone else. iNTeLL needs to bring something new to the table or he needs to be just stunning with his raps. And he's not there yet on either of those things.

Anyway I hope he writes the best hip hop song ever and he makes all the money. Seriously.

Thinkin Bout You Score 3/10

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