Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tyler, the Creator = Tyler Hudson

I'm not going out on a limb here or anything but Tyler, the Creator from Odd Future also appeared as Tyler Hudson on Matlock. They look exactly the same, observe:

SEE! Sure the Matlock guy is more leathery and shiny but that's what happens in the boiler room pressure of any court room environment (ask this guy)! Okay, so I know what your saying: "Those two guys don't look alike at all!". Well, that's wrong. WRONG. Does this help?

Still no? Fine, how about this?

STILL NO? Well, trust us - it's the same guy. We've got industry connections and we got THE SCOOP! Swish!

Case Closed! See what I did there? Matlock was a lawyer and he WORKED on cases. He was the best Lawyer and Tyler, from Matlock was his helper or some shit! "But that show was on like thirty years ago." - Hollywood. Good point, but also not a point at all. They use makeup in Hollywood! I bet if you called up Matlock and asked him if they made him wear makeup in the courtroom scenes he would be like "Yep!". So you can't trust your eyes, unless they are telling you that these two guys are the same.

Pop Quiz: Who is this? You'll never know. Swag!

Twins Score: 10/10


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