Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Got Something New: Erick Sermon "Breath of Fresh Air"

I don't know what is going on anymore. I respect Erick Sermon greatly, but I basically wrote him off as a has-been for the very good reason that he hasn't put out anything good in a LONG TIME. I mean, it got to the point that I would see E. Serm's name attached to something and have second thoughts about spinning it. I still would spin it out of respect, but I was almost always disappointed. So when I heard about his new mixtape I said "Ugh, I'll check that out later". And I waited for a long time then I finally gave in and gave it a spin...and HOLY F, it's really good. I mean like his best work in a really long time and also better than a lot of stuff out right now. He has a new energy, his rhymes are solid and his beats are on time. What in the hell happened? I can honestly say that "Breath of Fresh Air" is incredible, and I never use the word "incredible" because people sound like dinks when they say that. But this is that! I can't believe it.

*There are a couple of exceptions, but great job for the most part.

Yo! From Track 3 "Fix Your Face" all the way to Track 11 "I'm Good" is top choice hip hop. All the tracks in this window are great. But the whole shit is mostly good. Plus the guest spots are top notch (even with Rick Ross) and everyone comes correct. What more can I say, just listen to it and see if you agree with me!

Now for the exceptions, and I don't want to dwell on this, but there are some mistakes on here too. First of all, WHY ARE THERE SKITS? Nobody wants to hear those ever. They're the worst and EVERYBODY HATES THEM. Second of all the skit called "Head Skit" is the worst kind of skit that everyone especially hates and everyone wonders why it is on the mixtape and what is wrong with people in general and especially whats wrong with people who make sex skits. I know skits have become a throwback to the good old days, but they're a terrible throwback. I would literally throw them back in time, into a fire so I never hear one again.

Next, the track "Headgames" featuring 50 Cent and one of my favorites, Keith Murray, is awful and reminds me of why I doubt the Green Eyed Bandit. That beat SUCKS A NICKLE THROUGH A STRAW and it has that traditional Def Squad sound that we would all like the Def Squad to move past. Just put Keith Murray on a good beat, like any other beat on this album (Except for Commander N Chief, cuz that's from the same crop of crap beats). Why not?

Oh, and the hook of Lil Nikki is terrible, oh yeaaahhhh! But I'll still say that it's a good song. 1-9-9-9.

Okay other than that the rest of the album is great.


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