Monday, May 28, 2012

Track Checker: Verbal Kent "Duesday"

Click-a-click POW! Welcome to the Tortoise General Blog, and today’s clasik trax post!

Today we’re turning our attention to the great state of Illinois city of Chicago and looking at the song “Duesday” by Verbal Kent. “WHO?” – you. GTFO. You have no right to ask dumb questions like that. This song features Tableek and RacecaR, you are allowed to ask who they are because nobody knows. Actually, Tableek (from Maspyke) is from Massachusetts and does some kind of big undergroiund hip hop tour. RacecaR has a terrible name and is from Chicago too (just like Verbal Kent).

RacecaR and Tableek
So why are we reviewing this track? Cuz itz dope ya big dummy, and we’re trying to be more positive and showcase music that we actually like. So let’s go..

So how was that? So good. Keep making music like that guys. Oh, and in follow up news RacecaR may have known that his name was kinda silly, so I think he changed it to 12:51. Way Better? Still not that good? He probably didn't think that one through because now EVERYBODY is going to be comparing him to Brooklyn rapper 12 O'Clock. Now that's a great idea for a post! Stay tuned!

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