Monday, October 29, 2012

Vote Cappa 2012: "Pistachio"

This blog officially endorses Cappadonna for the 2012 Presidential Election of the United States. Get out the Donna vote, stupid.

Well, this is it. Almost our last chance to get the message out there to you: Vote Cappadonna 2102. Forget those rich guys, we need a man of the people to lead us, a man of principle, a man of honor: Cappadonna. We know that he isn't even running for office, but we like him so much that it doesn't matter. So, to help support his platform of Cow Milking and Slang Prostitution, we're going to feature one of his songs every week from now until the election. We're just trying to get out the vote.

This song is the illest. It's from an album that I'm sure you skipped: Slang Prostitution, and it hits like a pile driver. Sure, it's got a lot of guest spots, but just think of that as Cappadonna introducing his cabinet? They all do a dope job. King Just is a Wu regular. Lounge Lo is Cappa's younger brother. And Mega Don (I thought that was one of Cappa's aliases) is from the Shaolin Soldiers (with King Just and everyone's favorite Letha Face!). What a team? But they come together well:

Artist: Cappadonna featuring King Just, Lounge Lo and Mega Don
Song: "Pistachio"
Album: Slang Prostiution
Release Date: January 27, 2009

This song is murder. A jewel in Cappa's crown.

While every verse is solid, and the beat is basically illy, the high point of this song is the chorus. And when I say "high point" I'm talking Mountain Everest. A fucking multiple way trade off talking some "what the streets like" shit. It's a chorus with a message I can really stand behind:

"We write lyrics that the streets like
We don't come with that bullshit
that y'all n****s thinkin' is right"

Word. Why are so many wack ass MCs coming with that bullshit. And why are so many of y'all thinking it's right. Shit. I'm glad Cappa is calling you out. That's why I'm voting for him.


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