Monday, October 15, 2012

Vote Cappa 2012: "Somebody's Got To Go"

This blog officially endorses Cappadonna for the 2012 Presidential Election of the United States. Break that face in at the wrinkle.

It's 2012. Voting time. The Tortoise General Blog is officially going against the grain and shunning all of the major contenders (rich guy and other rich guy). Instead we're supporting Cappadonna for president. That's right. We know that he isn't even running for office, but we like him so much that it doesn't matter. So, to help support his platform of Cow Milking and Slang Prostitution, we're going to feature one of his songs every week from now until the election. We're just trying to get out the vote.

None of us here want to publish any more of this shit anymore. It sucks. It's hard writing about U-God week in and week out, but we do it to make some money. It's a living. Anyway, just when I was at my lowest point, we decided to publish Cappadonna's best songs. Listening to this shit picks me right up. This is good hip hop. This is presidential hip hop. Let's do it.

Today we've selected a choice cut off of Slang Prostitution, actually one of the best from a decent album. I hope you like it.

Artist: Cappadonna featuring Lounge Lo and Ghetto Philharmonic
Song: "Somebody's Got To Go"
Album: Slang Prostitution
Release Date: January 27, 2009

That beat, nah mean? It's "ananymous".

Fuck. I love this shit right from the intro talk:

I'll break that ni*** face in, right there (I'm listening)
Right there at the wrinkle (Who over there?)
Yeah, this is the body snatchers (Buddha, get him, man)
Invasion, slang gargoyles (Right right)
Ni***, we eat tracks for a living (Tell him again, Don)
The beats ananymous
Ya'll ni***s is taking up space, straight up
Snatching one of ya'll ni***s up from the background
Drag you over there, to one of the movie sets
The new movies that's out right now, with the fucking...
People on the juggle, straight up and down

What? The lyrics take off from there. This sounds like "Ironman" era Wu. Cappadonna's brother Lounge Lo is on there somewhere I guess, he's another decent MC who should be getting more press, but I think he's just on that opening crawl.

Anyway, this beat, by G-Clef, is very good. And one of the reasons that I think Cappadonna has gained so much credibility lately while his fellow clansmen flounder: he's connected with mad good underground producers who bring fire like this. Shit is dope.



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