Monday, November 26, 2012

Track Checker: Spice 1 "Hard to Kill"

Hi there you fucking clap mouths. Remember not to long ago we caught up with Spice 1 (and found out that he got shot in the face but was okay). Well, playtime's over motherfuckers. Tort team is definitely in motherfucking effect. Know what I'm saying? So raise up and recognize that this blog is hard to kill. We're revisiting this guy for the 1-2...

What I'm trying to say is we're going to check out an old ass song where Method Man dropped in on his friend Spice 1 to lay a verse. This song is from 1994, when Meth was on top of his game and Spice 1 was exactly the same person that he has always been. For some perspective, "Tical" came out just a week before this song was released, so Meth was a new jack...kind of. On the other hand, this is Spice 1's thrid album "AmeriKKKa's Nightmare". So we're dealing with a very new-to-the scene Method Man teaming up with a West Coast veteran. How will they do? Will the new guy choke? Will the veteran get outshined? Let's answer those questions from twenty years ago!

So, is this a good song? I don't remember, it probably didn't hold up well. Let's find out...

Not that good. I mean the lyrics are good, but the beat is wack. I find it hard to believe that this beat was ever considered good. But, what do I know? Maybe everyone thought it was good in 1994 and tried to learn it on the piano. #MUSICLESSONS. Plus, the fake rasta talk is kind of dumb. But Method Man is on point. He sounds hungry. What happened to that guy? Well fed Method Man isn't as good of an MC. #GETHUNGRY Meth. Diet.

I wonder who this appearance was a favor for. I know that after the Wu's first album dropped, people were hungry for Method Man (and anything Wu), so maybe people heard that Meth was on a Spice one album and picked it up. On the other hand, maybe Spice 1 had a huge fan base and somehow the veteran was trying to bring shine to a young gunner. Or, more likely, the record executives knew that Wu Tang was big money, and that by crossing Meth over to the west coast he might gain some traction nation wide. Marketing!

In Conclusion: With a beat that is too crap this song is DOA. Hungry Meth is nice, kind of. I guess just listen to this son once and then move on to something else for twnety more years.


Munchies, but not hungry

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