Monday, November 12, 2012

Vote Cappa 2012 (You Blew It): "Put God First"

This blog officially endorses endorsed Cappadonna in the 2012 Presidential Election of the United States. Whatever, you blew it.

Hey genius. I'm sure your either thrilled or devastated about the outcome of the election. Congrats to whoever won? I'm writing this in September, so I don't know who won. I'm going to make two safe bets: one, I don't care who won, and, two, Cappadonna probably didn't win. Now, we put MONTHS into our efforts to get Cappadonna elected, countless hours wasted. And WHY? Because slackers like you sat on the sidelines while the world burned. Here you had an opportunity to do something important and you BLEW IT. Nice job (sarcasm - you suck).

So, we're taking this opportunity to rub it in your face. THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO MISS OUT ON FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS. This is a later track by the great Cappadonna, and it's an understated banger. Lyrically, it's top notch. It couldn't be any topper notch. No chance.

Artist: Cappadonna feat. Solomon Child & Inspectah Deck
Album: The Pilgramage
Release Date: November 15, 2011

That's new shit! This is how Cappadonna is rolling today. I don't know who produced that shit, but the production is presidential. It's one of the best beats you'll hear. Cappa's friends Solomon Child and Deck KILL IT DEAD. They just do a good job. Cappa brings his A game. And I'll go ahead and hand this song its crown based on the switch off between Cappa and Deck.

Cappa: "Get your money and turn savage, you fucking backstabbers:"
Deck: "Backstabbers, yo..."
Cappa: "Put God first, that's the only way to survive..."
Deck: "Cynthia's son, I'm all in, give me the gun / cuffed to a treadmill, you couldn't get me to run."

Deck doesn't relent for his whole shit. He just keeps stabbing.

Now let's take a second and look at the chorus:

"The average black man dies at the age of twenty five / put god first that's the only way to survive"

Simple. Conscious. Dope. Real shit. These are things that you don't like apparently, since you voted for the other guy.

Well, Cappa will still be around in four years, and he'll probably be dropping even hotter shit. That's the bright side. The question is this: will you have your mind right by 2016? Probably not.


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