Monday, December 3, 2012

The Best Song from The Fugees "Blunted on Reality"

 Yo! Let's look at the best song off of an old ass album that nobody bought (at least until The Score dropped). Today we're looking at "Blunted on Reality" better known as The Fugees first album which came out in 1994.

I might be an odd cat, but I liked the Fugees when they came out. Pras immediately caught my ear as a gifted MC, and Waycleff was weird, and they had the girl. I bought this album at some point early on! Why? 1. It was available in Denver and 2. I had heard the song "Vocab" and recognized it (it didn't take much to get my money back then). I know that the album got no play with me because when The Score came out I put off buying it based on the wackness of this album. Got all that? 

Now, before we get into the best track off of this album, let's just check out where all the Fugees are today. This is what I think I remember:

Wyclef Jean - I know he had a lot of solo success, he ran for President of Haiti, and he got caught up in some major international scandal!

Lauryn Hill - Her career skyrocketed, then crashed. Then she went nuts literally and Talib Kweli made a song about it. End.

Pras - Works seasonal at Target?

I'm sure that is all accurate. Dude ran for president! WTF.COM. Let's see if I was right:

Wyclef: YES! I got it 90% right! He filed his candidacy for president, but did not meet the residency requirements. And he did get accused of "gross mismanagement and improper expenditures" in his Haitian earthquake relief charity.

Lauryn Hill: YES! I was 100% correct! She was very successful and she lost it.

Pras: Who cares?

Okay, so what's the song? Well, the hits were "Nappy Heads" and "Vocab"...both of those songs suck terribly. Actually, I just listened to this whole shit (with a lot of skipping) and it's safe to say that this whole album sucks. What a mess. How did they get a second album after this shit? Well, the best song is definitely the Nappy Heads remix that comes at the end of the album.

That's good! It sounds so far ahead of rest of the album, it's almost like it recorded five years after every other song on here. I like it all the way through. The chorus, the beat, the lyrics (even the Louis Armstrong impression) is tough. I don't know what that Mona Lisa shit is though, I mean it's okay, but it reminds me of Leave it to Beaver. It's weak. But it can't bring down a song this good. Nice try Wyclef, but your song is still good despite your nonsense.

Let's compare that one to the original:

That's just too much. It sounds like Naughty by Nature with weak rhymes. No comprendo. Well, not much comprendo. I like the rhymes and the spit, but that beat is way too agressive and generic. The remix was required. Nice choice.


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