Thursday, December 27, 2012

Track Checker: Reflection Eternal "Just Begun"

Oh yes indeed. I like this. I like this. We have everyone's favorite team reunited: Mos Def and Talib Kweli, and they're not boring this time! Then we have J. Cole, who is as good as always. And finally we have Jay Electronica, who is the last guy to mention! What a team. But the real winner is you, and you'll realize it after about five seconds of Hi-Tek's incredible beat sweeps you away on a jazzy river. YO! Hi-Tek! #Salute


Is that a tumpet? Is it a french horn? I don't know! I like it though. Let's check the WHOSAMPLED.COM archives:

DARN IT. What a bunch of nerds singing. That's the wrong sample and it's very boring. Who on earth would listen to that shit? Hey, Singers Unlimited, your name and your song suck it. I guess we'll never know where that trumpet came from. So let's put our minds at ease and just dig into the lyrics.

Everyone does a good job, no doubt, but Jay Electronica does the best job (besides Hi-Tek). Talib hits hard as usual, and I feel like I'm hearing good lyrics, and I'm not bored, but I'm also not jumping off of my chair and punching my little brother from getting hyped. It's a good verse, but I can take it or leave it, so NORMAL TALIB SHIT. Next is Jay Electronica, who brings his laid back game to match this beat, and it's a hit (baseball).
Next we have, uh, J. Cole, who I am a fan of, but I wouldn't be mad if I never heard another J. Cole verse. Anyway, he kills his verse. Besides the dope raps, he also ties his verse into J. Electronica's last line, and he says:
"Dog I'm on a higher level, I'm on top of nosebleeds
N----s say they sick, but when they rock they don't sneeze
Like the n---a on the block waving his Glock but won't squeeze

That's just good. But, it's so sad for Mos Def, who get's killed by J. Cole before he even starts. I'm sure his verse is good, but he shouldn't follow someone who is talented and hungry and has a voice that sounds like he is awake. Mos Def raps, but he also loses this one.
Done. Good track. Easy review. That was a good beat right? Yep. I wonder if anyone else has jacked it. GAWD I hope not. You gotta be laid back to tackle that beat. It's so smooth, if you come at it stupid it'll kill you.  AHHA, I'm sure it's a mess out there, let's find out.
What Else can I say? Let's see if anyone else tried to deliver on this tough beat:

OH NO! FUCK. Are you kidding me? What kind of accent is that? Scottish + mental illness? "Like a round of golf, you won't be able to put one in the hole". Well, that song was a mess. AMATEURS! This is about as far from true hip hop as possible. AND NOBODY ON THIS SHIT IS MAKING IT, EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOUNG JESS. What a joke. Let me clarify:

  • You're not "heading up the ladder"
  • You don't "got a girl"
  • "Janet" could "Handle It"
  • You will never "take control"
Now for the other guy...
  • You're not "coming" with anything, especially "the hustle"
  • No liquor in anything, you're not "up in" anything.
  • You're not "killing" anything for seconds, much less "days"
  • No heads are "amazed" at the "style" you "kick"
  • Who is feeling this on the street? Nobody.
  • There is no crowd cheering anywhere for you.
  • No other rappers are being put to shame by this. Only hip hop fans are ashamed by this.
  • Whatever this sucks...



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