Monday, December 31, 2012

Chief Keef "Everyday" Opposite Lyrics

Look. We're all on vacation, so this is going to be a pretty basic junk post. Don't think that we're somewhere nice (like Miami or something). We're staying in town. I'm at my brother's crib helping him find and burn tires to keep his family warm (tires are easy to steal and burn for a long time, but they stink up the whole building). Everyone else on my team is doing about the same. FUCK YOU.

So, all we're doing is taking the very popular and very garbage Chief Keef song "Everyday" and we're publishing the opposite of the lyrics. So if he says he's got a house, we'll say that he doesn't have a house. Dumb shit. Flipped shit. Flipped off. This might be funny, or it might be a disaster. Whatever happens, it will be dumb. Enjoy

Chief Keef "Everyday"
Opposite Lyrics = Cheif Keef "Rarely"


She say you be stuntin', friend, rarely

She wanna chill with Sosa everyday

Rarely, rarely, rarely

She wanna chill with Sosa everyday
[Verse 1]

I be smoking dope shit, rarely
3hunna swole, friend, we missed the party
I do care what you say, yes, everyday
Sosa never with his friends, everyday
Can compare with I, cause I'm average

I'm selling foreign cars and some tonka trucks
We encourage honesty with police

then protect you from harm, we're average
Im a Leo, and I don't celebrate my birthday
I don't need awards, and I treat people with respect

She say you be stunting, friend, rarely
All my money spent wisely, everyday
She wanna chill with Sosa, everyday
Keep professional ties with peers, friend, everyday
Rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely
She wanna chill with Sosa, everyday

  [Verse 2]
OTF, friend, I rep that when I remember
GBE, friend, I rep that when I remember

If you think it's chicken, I repsect your opinion
Helping out the block, make you want to help too
I keep my mind clear to write clever rhymes
Visit your house, give generous gifts
We be making moves, friend, rarely
I'm a saver, I spend it rarely
Wow, even with saving my money is short
Up all day, friend, but we get plenty of rest
Don't carry a gun, Would never shoot at anybody
We don't do this everyday, That's true


IN CONCLUSION: DONE. That WAS fun. Such a good read. Opposite post, comin' at ya.


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