Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vote Cappa 2012 (You Blew It): "Trials & Tribulations"

This blog officially endorses endorsed Cappadonna in the 2012 Presidential Election of the United States. Whatever, you blew it with whoever you voted for.

Look, kid. I was going to stop these stupid #voteCappa posts a long time ago, but I keep running into the guy's dope shit that I have to publish. We all know the election already happened and nothing changed (or will change). Are we better off with this rich guy than with that other rich guy? I doubt it (ask Dead Prez). But whatever. Real felons don't vote. Word. So this is the last call out to our failed Cappadonna for president 2012 campaign. #fuckTheVote and also #yourmom.

We're just going to put this whole thing behind us with an amazing track off of his most recent album. Enjoy...

Artist: Cappadonna
Producer: Unknown
Album: The Pillage
Release Date: November 2011

Cappa D. got it locked D. 4eva.

This track proves that Cappadonna is one of the dopest out the Clan right now. Plus, his fucking friends are hotter than your favorite MCs are. This track is classic.


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