Thursday, May 26, 2011

Line for Line: GZA on "Stick Me For My Riches" by the Wu Tang Clan

 Line for Line: GZA on "Stick Me For My Riches" by the Wu Tang Clan

GZA: Snap Pack Official

--Official Stats--
Artist: Genius/GZA
Title: "Stick Me For My Riches"
Album: "8 Diagrams"
Release Date: December 11, 2007
Aliases: Maximillion, Allah Justice
Affiliations: Wu Tang Clan, DJ Muggs, Bill Murray

So for this blog I've been trying to bring my 'A' game on Mondays, and just dump my shit on Thursdays.  So far so good, except that Mondays have been shit as well.  So this post will be the worst one yet!  Read on!

All I'm going to do here is post the lyrics to a verse which I find particularly dope.  There are many of them, but for this week I'm going with the verse and track mentioned above.  Now, GZA has tons of clever and fantastic verses and this one certainly isn't his best, but it's up there.  This track is great overall, but it's very atypical for the Clan, yet I think it works as it's own beast.  It has a lot going for it: production and vocals by the RZA, and decent beat and hook, and verses by Meth, Deck, and GZA.  Nice.  But why does GZA's verse stand out in his career of good verses?  Because it's dope you dummy.

Basically, the RZA sets up the verse with this line:

"GZA tell them what is life..."

Now that's a big assignment.  Imagine if he asked you to do that at the start of your verse.  You would freeze, as would I.  Not the Genius though, he answers and answers well.  He gives a general description of LIFE ITSELF in one verse.  Amazing!  Check this: 

"Slice and dice, men or mice, GZA tell 'em what is life..."

"Hey Yo! Money making, people flaking, Cash Rules, fuck the bacon
Earths quaking, head is aching, bank stop, dice shaking
Times are hard, so are jobs, scheming niggas wanna rob
Use a hoe to slob ya knob, hit you with unruly mobs
Stab you in the back and smile, watch you bleed for awhile
Hating on the agile, steal ya name and bite ya style
Hold you for a ransom note, Goliath cutting David's throat
Grab ya vest, abandon boat and leave you out at sea to float"

What can I say?  Nothing.  Which is exactly what you should be saying.  Now, if you disagree with me and say "This verse?  I think not."  Then I want to see YOU write a verse half as good describing life.  You can send it to me at  Do it.  I'll post it, then we can have a vote or something.  Trust me, you ain't e-mailing me anything.  Hang it up.  GZA won dope verse of the "everything you think is important".

It also should be noted that Deck's verse on this track is insanely good as well...but I'll save that for another lazy post.

Score: 10/10

Fire the Art Director!


  1. What song are YOU listening to? GZA doesn't say anything that you wrote, and Meth doesn't provide a hook for "Stick Me For My Riches". In fact this song was one of the more daring, experimental songs on the album that didn't really work. Am I bugging out?

  2. Anonymous Sir or Madam, you are indeed bugging out.

    1. GZA says everything I wrote, he has the last verse on the track. (
    2. My writing was a bit confusing regarding the hook. I was saying that the beat and hook were decent, then I listed the MCs who dropped verses. For the record, the hook is primarily performed by Gerald Alston, but each MC also performs it after their verse, including Method Man. So Meth does perform part of the hook.
    3. This song was daring, experimental, and dope.

    What song / blog post are you listening to / reading?