Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yo! That's Your "Watch the Throne" Photo

The Worry is Over!

What's up with "Watch the Throne"? Well, I understand that it's coming out soon at some point? As proof, on Jay-Z's Life + Times website we can see that the boys (Jay-Z and Kanye West) are hard at work and have appropriately set the mood with crystal wine glasses, 1-800-Flowers bouquets, Apple II's, and candles (of course becasue of romance, right?). If you were worried that this album might be too much of a departure from the boy's origins fear not, this is the same scene you'll find in inner cities the world over. The plight of the impovrished: laptops and mood lighting. We can all relate! This is just a down to earth way to work. We can all see our reflection in this picture. Now, are you going HAM at Yankee Candle. No? You're a lame. Get some candles and get on your 1-800-Flowers.com grind.

Mood Score: 10/10

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