Friday, August 5, 2011

"...And this be our motto: 'In the DJ is our trust'."

I know you've got your iPod on set on Slacker or Pandora or whatever. Fine. Shuffle mix and all that. But I'm going to let you in on an insider secret: DJ's are good at their jobs!

DJ's mix music! And they do a lot better job then your robot mixers. WAY BETTER. So a lot of times when I want to hear good hip hop (both new and old school) I go looking for mixes by a real live DJ instead of putting some shit on shuffle or looking to some dumb website. And it pays off. That's the way we did shit before the internet: we listened to DJ's for new music.

Anyway here is a mix of some classic golden age cuts by DJ Finesse (not Lord Finesse) from Primo's HeadQCourterz camp. I gather that it was pulled together for Soul Assassins Radio, it's mad good and just listen to it.

Dj Finesse NYC Soul Assassins Radio mix (Tracked download available in description) by DjFinesseNYC

MIX SCORE: 10/10

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