Thursday, August 4, 2011

Line for Line: Inspectah Deck on "Kill Too Hard" by the Wu Tang Clan

Inspectah Deck: He's in there somewhere.
--Official Stats--
Artist: Inspectah Deck
Title: "Kill Too Hard"
Album: "Wu-Tang Chamber Music"
Release Date: June 30, 2009
Aliases: Rebel INS, Rollie Fingers
Affiliations: Wu Tang Clan

Line for Line posts are meant to showcase the best lyrics ever written.  And when I say best I mean dopest.  “So, what makes for dope lyrics?” you clumsily ask.  Well, there is no definition.  Dope is dope – you can quote me on that when you complain about this blog on Angie's List! If I have to tell you what is dope then you clearly have something wrong with your judgment.  So let’s get on with me telling you what is dope.

Okay, so today we visit another latter-day Wu-Tang Clan song from the 2009 album “Wu-Tang Chamber Music”, an album which was well received by me and critics, but not the general public (apparently). "What's wrong with you, general public?" - me and critics.

So this track might be a diamond in the rough or an undiscovered gem or something valuable like that. Who knows? I do! Okay, so this track is great, it has that classic Wu-Tang sound and has U-God (so two Wu members). Plus, we’ve got Masta Ace, so a special guest appearance as well!  

Anyway, Deck kills it (editor’s note: bold text, underline, italics, hyperlink to a picture of a big game hunter, and upgrade to a huge font for the words ‘kills it’). I mean, it’s a hard rap that just builds self-confidence in the listener. Like a motivational speaker or your dad or something. It’s like Deck is saying “I’m hard, now clean up your act, stupid.”  Plus the rhymes are airtight.  Add to that Deck’s trademarked flow and this is easily a great verse.  Let’s take a look….

 These dudes don't want it with Deck, no, my set glow.
Hate it or you love it, but you gonna’ respect though.
You ain't got to know my name,
check the blood, sweat and tears, for years, niggas know I bang.
I'm a made nigga caking, what you call a boss.
On my own two, never taking orders from ya'll.
When I spit, get the corners involved. It's wreck on the yard.
It's House Gang, son, it's more than hard.
The life that'll glamour and glitz, best believe
on the flip side, nigga, it's them hammers and clips.
Wanna’ live in high fashion and rich, so we scramble the strip,
camouflaged with they hand on the grip.
Ain't nothing gon' stop kid from getting his due.
No, your feets not big enough to fit in his shoe.
I don't rock what you rap, niggas. They be pole.
On 'The Wire', just not HBO
They under fire, edge around the way we know.
They know they time up, guess that's why they hate me so
But yo, they will never take me though. I had to go like
Montana, licking, sniffing crazy blow.
Still I be Hard to Kill like Seagal,
warrior built, big shield and long sword.
One Six Ooh'ing it, doing it, king size
Salutations, that's respecting the king eyes.
For those that follow my lead, attract to the light
at the same time, marvel the speed.
I'm so dope, I can bottle it free
The most influential, modern day marter is he

Well, that’s a long one. But it’s line after line of pure uncut greatness.  I mean it’s really good.  So, if you don’t like it then we’ll just have to part ways now. You go your way and I’ll go mine.  My way is right here, so you’ll just have to go away from me, on your own way. Go on, get!

If you agree with me, then, welcome friend.  Go ahead and look at my other stupid posts and bad spelling and bad grammar.  Make yourself at home.

Score: 10/10

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