Friday, August 12, 2011

JERU WEEK! Track Check: Jeru The Damaja "Queens" & "The Crack"

Well, it's Friday and you know what that means. Jeru week is over. Sure it was a great idea and worth the $45k in overtime we had to pay the staff, and everyone had a great time revisiting their favorite MC. But I must say that in our celebration of Jeru the Damaja we've accomplished nothing really. We've determined that his recent work is weird, his Stamina tracks are genius, he had an album cover that was controversial (not really), and then we made up some of the stupidest nonsense about OFWGKTA and him fighting. We're just doing an awful job. Terrible. Delete this blog from your "favorites" list!

So how can we make it up to you? Well, I think we should find a few newer Jeru tracks that are actually good. I'm not talking about that weird polish shit either. We're looking for good newer AMERICAN Jeru tracks.

Let's go!

Okay, I'll start with his 2003 album Divine Design...which I am hearing for the first time (I think), and damn, this is a bad album. Is there anything good here? Not really (sorry Jeru). But I found a surprise! I have a song from this album on my mp3 player and it says that I have spun it more than a dozen times since I uploaded it a few years ago. The song is called "Queens" and I genuinely like it. Anyway, this is surprising since the song is not about the borough Queens, but about ladies (and is a followup to "Da Bitchez" and "Me Or The Papes"). It's mad laid back (and samples the shit out of Jeru's old Primo work) but it's pretty good, it's just not that animal Jeru that Primo used to bring out. None of this album is all that animal, so you can not feel bad about skipping it. Oh, and NEVER LISTEN TO THE SONG "DIVINE DESIGN", it's so bad that it'll change how you look at Jeru.  

Anyway, here is the song. On one hand it's not that great, on the other hand you'll be one of the ten people who've listened to it, so EXCLUSIVE SHIT!!!

Now, on to Jeru's most recent album "Still Rising"

Just an awful cover.
Well, this album is better. A lot better. The first two songs "The Crack" and "The Prophet" are surprisingly good. Actually the whole shit is pretty good, not DJ Premire good, but still okay. Well, maybe not okay. Let's just say that there are some boring tracks and some terrible tracks like "Jus Buggin" but the rest might be considered either bad or okay. Okay?


You may have noticed that I skipped the "Heroz4Hire" album, that's because that album is dead to me. It's bad.

Queens Score: 6/10
The Crack Score: 8/10

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