Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Got Something New: Method Man "World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)"

Apparently I am way, WAY, WAAAAAY out of the loop on everything. Especially the things that I hold dear. What do I mean? What am I talking about you ask? How about this:

That's my ex-favorite MC Method Man doing something that I don't like at all. Actually it's Method Man doing the thing he does best: rapping. But here is a question: is this a commercial? Here is another question: is this the same guy who dropped "Bring the Pain"? That song was the best ever. What is this? Eat 'em up? Candy? Here's the answer: this is selling out big time.

I mean I like some of the lines here, but is this a commercial? Let's check the end:

BINGO! That's a commercial. Really, Method Man? You made a commercial for Sour Patch Kids Candy? Do you need money that bad? HOLY SHIT! I mean you've always done questionable stuff (sitcoms, movies, prequel albums, Limp Bizkit spots, etc.), but you also do a lot of good stuff (Tical, The Wire), and then you go and do this. You ruined a lot of people's day.

Also, I'm not one for censorship, I'll print anything on this blog, but Mr. Meth has a line in this song about a "BLEEEP Pump" being next to your shower and, dude, this is a commercial for candy. Candy that no adults like becasue it's gross and just dyed chemicals and sugar. Kids don't want to hear about "BLEEP Pumps" especially when they are just kids and just like kids stuff, like candy, they don't care about Bleep Pumps (pelvis thrust). Gross.

Now They're on Facebook, deleting all your friends fans
Let me just pull a few lines from the end of this song. Here, Method Man is describing the mischief that uneaten Sour Patch Kids cause:

Wipe the music off your MP3
Burn a rug
Pull the Plug on your MTV
This is thug vision in 3D
and these kids ain't worried
they play dirty like they're O. D. B.

I strongly oppose this ODB reference. Let's just go on with the lyrics:

These kids are rude 'til the day that they're chewed down
That's bad news, now they're in a bad mood, damn
First they're sour then they're sweet little dudes
and they will fight the power 'til they're food

Method Man gets a lot of leeway on the ODB references, but to get paid some amount of money to sell candy and then to compare that candy to the late great MC ODB is despicable. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU METHOD MAN? This is very wrong. Hey, Method Man, weren't you the guy who had a problem selling Wu-Wear? But this is cool?

Oh, and one other thing to the advertising execs who threw this together. I don't like Sour Patch Kids candy. Now that I've seen this video, I like them a lot less and I like Method Man a lot less. So, two strikes. Now, if I were on the fence about buying a bag of Sour Patch Kids, I doubt that this video would sway me either way. So, nice ineffective job, advertising executives, strike three. But what do I know, this commercial is clearly aimed at second graders.

In conclusion: DAMMIT. I need to rethink my life, this blog, my musical tastes, my views on Method Man. 

Method Man Score 0/10

Literally bringing the pain, and eating something that reminds him ODB (and also gives him $$$).

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