Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yo! Check Out My Cover: Getmoney Dro "Feel Me"

Yo! Check Out My Cover: Getmoney Dro "Feel Me"

Yeah, I got money flying around. Feel Me?

--Official Stats--
Artist: Getmoney Dro
Album: "Feel Me" (mixtape)
Released: November 6, 2008
Listens: 111
Notes: "flames philly hottest getmoney dro"

This is where I review an album cover without listening to the album. It's so easy that your mom could do it in about one second just by looking at the cover. So go have her do it, I don't care. I've never heard this album and I've never heard of anyone associated with it. Neither has your mom. So we're both equally unqualified to review this shit. Anyway....I'm with it, just set it off. Yo! After this there's no turning back. I'm saying just set it off!

Well, Getmoney Dro, you're dressed like a bee. That's it. Also, you look like you just got hit in the side of the head. You've got stacks of money floating around you like your one of the X-Men (Moneto?). And your fonts are absolutely terrible. Does that "Feel Me" text have a garage door picture in it? Your cover is the worst (so is your name). Go to art school or regular school. Just something. Do anything else. And I'm gone. Poof. Feel me? Dro?

Art Score: 0/10

Real Shitt?

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