Wednesday, December 21, 2011

U-God's Resume #25, La The Darkman "Element of Surprise"

--Official Stats--
Artist: La the Darkman featuring U-God and Masta Killa
Song: "Element of Suprise"
Album: Heist of the Century

Release Date: November 17, 1998

I've never accepted La the Darkman as being affiliated with the Wu or even as a legitimate MC. I bought this album, was leery about it before I jammed it, and then I HATED it. It filled me with anger when I listened to it. I don't think I've heard this song since that first spin, and that was like thirteen years ago. I've never forgiven La for putting out such a crappy album under the Wu banner and I never will. I will, however, use this opportunity to bash this song and everything associated with it. Why? Because I wasted like $11.99 on it a decade ago. That's why.

Now, I am excited to see that Masta Killa has a verse on this track that I don't think I've ever really given a chance. You see, in 1998 I could have gave a flying flip about Masta Killa, I thought he was weird (yeah, I was an idiot). Now I know that he's one of the best. As for U-God, I don't want to set things off on the wrong foot, but I have low expectations and I already hate this album overall, so good luck.

"Element of Surprise"

Oh no. This is terrible. I mean the beat sounds careless, it's got a generic "Wu" sound that really should have never come into existence. That's not good. La starts things off and really gets overwhelmed by the beat. I mean if he had a different beat I think things might have been okay, but as it stands here, this sucks. Also, why is this a collaboration song? Nobody says anything that has to do with the other guy. Plus, I don't know that anyone is talking about any kind of element of surprise. It's just like a song that was trown together to so that La could have a few legit Wu members on his back cover.

Masta Killa is second and his verse is good, but that beat just kind of rattles around and disrupts everything. Now, I could be wrong, but this sounds like a stock verse that was saved in some hard drive in the event of a collaboration. I'm not knocking Masta Killa here, or his skill, I'm just saying that the verse could exist anywhere.

Then we have U-God, and the boy comes in strong and kills both La and Masta Killa. His verse also sounds stock, and you shouldn't murder your host on a verse you saved for general use...

This chick Iris out in queens had a cocaine Lexus
Dime sexes, she rock a leather g necklace
Building reckless, queen kingpin deathwish
Hit women that’ll fuck you and return them ya essence
This evil widow, she pulled a fo’-fo’ out the pillow
Wit a silencer, la costra nostra cats, they admired her
They hide a force sting to hit the north region king of teamster
Head c.e.o. of, a major ring but one thing
Lead to another, a leaf, new recover
She got side-swiped, tied up, he buck fifty cutter
He shot her both knees then, dumper her in the gutter
It was gorry, the top nigga tortured her for glory
But, he let her live so she could about this story

I mean, I have no idea what U is talking about there, but it sounds good on the beat. Plus, finally a track where U God is the best thing about the track. A victory? Sure, but a small one. I think La pulled a generic Wu beat and then landed some generic Wu-Team verses and ended up with a mess of a song where he is massively outshined by his guests. I guess that was the surprise! This track can return to the vault for another decade for all I care.

Track Score: 2/10
U-God’s Score: 8/10
Impact on Rep (+,-,=): None (Nobody heard this)

Next Week: U-God phones it in on Bobby Digital's "Domestic Violence"

That's your Darkman.
About this series: U-God’s Resume" is a series of posts which looks at each line of U-God’s entire career to determine if his status as ‘wack’ is justified (as labeled by internet morons). I think it is not. U-God is dope. We'll prove it. Leave it to the Tort Team.

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  1. completely disagree, LAD been my favorite wu affiliate or member for yrs