Monday, December 5, 2011

Yo! Check Out My Cover: Loc Deezy "I B Deezy"

--Official Stats--
Artist: Loc Deezy
Album: "I B Deezy" (mixtape)
Released: October 31, 2010
Listens: 38

This is where I review an album cover without listening to the album.

Okay, you and I have known this day was coming for a long time. We can't wait any longer it's time to have an intervention for our mutual friend Loc Deezy. I mean when we met him he was doing so well, he had a power job on Wall Street, he volunteered at the local animal shelter, and he even brought food to orphans. Plus he would drop in just to catch up and maybe play some Beyond Balderdash if he had time. What a guy right?

Now I kind of noticed a change in Deezy since he moved to wherever he is now. He's taken up drinking and I'm pretty sure he lives in a graffitti infested alley behind a dumpster.  Sure he's still the same happy fellow that we all know and love, I mean look at that smile, but I fear for his safety. The streets are mean out there, especially for a homeless MC who is down on his luck.

The last time I saw him was on his album cover for "I B Deezy", he was proudly showing off his dumpster house, and the source of his food, which is garbage. He carries his bottle of wine for several reasons: to drink the pain away (obviously), to sanatize his dental tools, silverware and sleepin' can, and as a weapon. You know how it is, roving gangs of homeless who'll take your shelter-dumpster as soon as you step away. Affluent teenagers making violent homeless attack videos. Bounty hunters looking to collect on captured homeless. All of those things. It's a jungle out there and no place to take a date or rebuild a life.

It's also nothing to put on an album cover. It's kind of a unwirtten rule: don't prominantly feature a dumpster on your album cover, even if it is your home. You don't have to try to look rich, just try to not look like you eat beans from a can as you club rats with your wine bottle. Okay? Good, let's go help Deezy out of his rut. You help him find a job (Target? Aldi?), and I'll try to land him a reasonable apartment. We're all in this together. We all B Deezy.

Art Score: 0/10

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