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U-God's Resume #29, Inspectah Deck “Longevity”

--Official Stats--
Artist: Inspectah Deck featuring U-God
Song: "Longevity"
Album: Uncontrolled Substance

Release Date: September 7, 1999

Well I think I pretty much slammed this album into oblivion last week, but I'll summarize my thoughts for all the new readers: Deck's debut album SUCKED even though Deck brought the ill shit lyrically. Why: Deck has the worst production ever. The last song we checked out was The Grand Prix, which had good lyrics over an awful beat. Deck and U-God just killed the track but there wasn't much to kill except for a generic trumpet loop. Bad beats. Bad trumpets. Bad loops. Will that trend continue into this song Longevity?

Let's find out...


This beat is much better than last week's mess, but don't take that as a compliment: it's still not that good. It sounds like generic Wu. The chorus is okay, but once again it's Wu Vanilla. Nothing innovative until Deck comes in to spit. His first verse is okay but not that good. But then things change for the better...for the much better. After the second chorus U-God comes in for the second verse and something great happens: he spits a dope verse that completely rides the beat and hits hard like a pimp on a movie. It's nothing that would ever land on the radio, but it's good. Head nod shit...

Yo, the message in my music grab you, stuck in my sentence
Got to spit from the bottomless pit, speakin' my vengeance
Masked avenger never surrender my heritage
Killah Hill resident, 5'10" be my measurement
On land we stand under flags as confederates
You think you rule, pity the fool when the shell drops
It's hot, bodies scream to the extreme, damn, I'm delicate
We livin irreverent, intelligent, dirty habit
They full of fragments, abandon all ten commandments
Damage is done as the records spin, hatred in my features untamed
plus these cold blooded creatures bust
Architect gladiator radiate the power
Erupt with corrupt minds, locked in the tower
The crooks pressure cooked invasion be destroyed
Self-employed paranoid androids

That's good. But Deck smartly follows U with another verse with no chorus split, he keeps the cypher moving and his verse is pure fire. This is the type of shit that Deck is known for, this is Deck playing all his cards and DAMN it's good:

Track Score: 7/10
U-God’s Score: 7/10
Impact on Rep (+,-,=): Improves

Next Week: U-God finally drops his solo album! We start with the intro: "Enter U-God".

Hold the planet like Galactus

About this series: U-God’s Resume" is a series of posts which looks at each line of U-God’s entire career to determine if his status as ‘wack’ is justified (as labeled by internet morons). I think it is not. U-God is dope. We'll prove it. Leave it to the Tort Team.

My rhyme cold winds clear streets and slams shutters
Basic Instinct to tear the roof off the mother
Drastic verbal gymnastics, far from the average
Hold the planet like Galactus
Lone Ranger, ancesters rolled with stone bangers
Never met a force deadly as my own anger
Clutch performer, raised on the blood soaked corners
of real life with real tight heads, that prey on ya

Shit. That is amazing. Those few lines should be singled out, pull their own review, and land a perfect score. It's a shame jems like this gut buried in this pile of trash of an album (production wise). That verse deserved a better beat. It deserved the best beat. Fuck the producers for slacking on this shit. Deck deserves better.

Yo! You mixtape heads out there, you should remix this entire album and keep absolutely none of the original production. That would be a smart move, sucka. So smarten up and remix this shit already, jeez.

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