Monday, July 30, 2012

Dapper Dan: Where Do U Stand?

Fashion Time!

"Not a Dapper Dan fan, I stay casual
To rock like the J it comes gradual"
Brand Nubian "All For One"

"Still play the back in my thundergear down to my underwear
Make all you motherfuckers wonder where
I come from, 'cause motherfuck Dapper Dan
I'm a gun clappa fan plus I run rappers stand"

- Strang Wondah "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka"

"There was a brother uptown makin his own spot
Makin Gucci, leather and suede tailor made
That had more flavor than mom's Kool-Aid
I'm gonna tell you, the name of this man
He goes by the name of the Dapper Dan"

- Biz Markie "Throw Back"

I guess that I don't need ot do a "who's Dapper Dan" intro since Biz sums it all up pretty well in that rap.To be clear Dapper Dan was a guy who owned a high end custom cloting shop in Harlem. He basically set hip hop fashion around 1990. You've seen his work all over the place in the old school. Check it out...

You get the idea.

The thing is that Dapper Dan technically sampled brands, and I don't mean he tried them, I mean he straight jacked their logos and used them however he wanted. He put a Nike logo on a jacket, made some money, and gave Nike nothing. That's pure hip hop.

Ya got took, Nike.
IN CONCLUSION: I don't know what this post was about. I just like the line from OGC. These clothes look werid. Word. Plus, the B-Side of that Salt-N-Pepa album is a song called "Spinderella's Not A Fella" what in the HELL is that about? Were there questions? Was there doubt? I guess we'll save that for another post.


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