Thursday, August 16, 2012

Line vs. Line: 12:51 vs. 12 O'Clock

Guard ya grill, knuckle up, it's Rap Battle Time! Today we're pitting two people that you've never heard of against each other only because they have similar rap names. Who shall rule the 12 O'Clock hour? We shall see. Let's meet our contenders:

THE CHAMPION (he had the name first)

12 O'Clock

Name: 12 O'Clock
Representing: Brooklyn
Affiliations: Cousin of Ol' Dirty Bastard, Wu Tang Clan
Known For: Appearing on several Wu albums including ODB's first solo, one of GZA's later albums, and a spot on Iron Flag.

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Name: 12:51
Previously known as: RacecaR (or maybe still is known as that, who knows?)
Representing: Chicago, France
Affiliations: Uh, underground stuff.
Known For: Not really known

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For this battle, we'll just put a random song from each guy up and then pass judgement. Just like the oplympics.

12 O'Clock VS 12:51

The first track comes from the challenger, 12:51.

Uh. Grab the steering wheel? 40 seconds of rapping? Then a lot of hyping up the crowd, followed by rapping that nobody could ever understand. Is it in French? This video will have to be rejected on the grounds that I can't understand four minutes of it. So let's find a real song by this guy even if it's by "Racecar" who is the same guy...

BORING! Guess what, 12:51, you lose (probably). This is too boring. This reminds me of other boring things like being bored in a hotel and even though the room has HBO it's just showing a boring DOCUMENTARY about something boring. Liven it up, 12:51. You basically handed this one to 12 O'Clock. That guy used to work with ODB, you remember ODB? He was crazy energetic on wax? 12 O'Clock might have picked some of that up, and if he even gets a little loud on his track he's going to kill your shit because of the energy. So withoug further ado, let's bring out the "champion" of people whose name has something to do with the hour between 12:00 and 1:00, 12 O'CLOCK!

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We'll choose "Love is Blood" from whatever this is!

That was okay. Which guy was 12 O'Clock? It was VERY important that we identify the "champion" so that we could judge the winner and we failed. It sounds like there are a couple of guys on "Love is Blood" so I guess we'll have to REJECT that track too! DAMMIT. How about we just slide into track number 2, "Pour My Liquor" that sounds good! Hopefully 12 O'Clock will be in it by himself.

Is that LV? We'll count this one. I'm sure it has more than one guy, but I'm pretty sure the first guy is 12 O'Clock (and even if it isn't we'll just base this contest on that guy - get better identifying yourself on trax 12 O'Clock).This track SUCKS too. It has mad energy, but fuck that chorus. Hit the streets, roll up something, pour out liquor. That's nothing new, in fact, it's PLAYED OUT. The lyrics?  If 12:51 was coming boring and talky, 12:00 is coming superficial and talking about shoes (which I hate - FUCK YOUR SHOES).

Let's just get to the verdict and end this shit:


So WTF do we do now?
Sudden Death? YES: SUDDEN DEATH. A quick track vs. track, winner takes all.

Let's go. We'll start with the "champ", 12:00:

Terrible start! Good eventually! I picked that randomly! I liked it! Except for the crowd stuff. Plus, I think this song was from "Brooklyn Zu" and not 12:00 specifically. But it'll do.

  Okay, 12:51. Top that:

Beat Boxing! Nice touch! Good rapping, nicer touvh. You're clearly feeling the heat from the other guy, 12:51! Is this better than 12:00? It's very different! I like both of these songs. Tough Decision. Very tough.


RACECAR a.k.a. 12:51




What an honor? Why did he win? Well, I couldn't really find any tracks with 12:00 by himself, and I couldn't tell when 12:00 was rapping on his tracks. I had a good idea, but I wasn't 100% sure. If I don't know when you're rapping, you automatically lose. IDENTIFY YOURSELF OR DO SOLO TRACKS THAT ARE EASY TO FIND.

Plus 12:51 did a nice rain rap. Good job! Stop being boring.
Rap Battle Score 0/10

STAY TUNED: I JUST DISCOVERED ANOTHER RAPPER CLAIMING THE 12:00 HOUR, "Twelve A'Klok" from Louisiana!  Uh-oh, 12:51. You had better step your game up!

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  1. Dear Tortoise General,
    Hey man, thanks for the appearance in your article.
    You've got a great blog here, with plenty of captivating content and brutally honest insight. In fact, I will pledge to share your blog on my social networks, because in my eyes, Hip-Hop, and it's advancement and evolution, are more important to me than anything. I've lived and breathed it, and will continue to do so.
    I'm not here to complain or make excuses. I'm a man and I can take my lumps.
    However, just a little clarification. I'm originally from Chicago, and I don't make music to fit into the "mold".
    I didn't choose my moniker for the symbolism of time or things pertaining to the hour of 12, it is more a series of freak occurrences and the continually bizarre reappearance of the number 51 throughout my career.
    With respect to 12 O'Clock, the only similarities we have, might be a passion for Hip-Hop and the number 12. I will say, I enjoyed some of his songs and will definitely be giving him some play. Props and respect to you 12 O'Clock!

    I would've wished you had chosen other selections, but since the drawings were at random, it is what it is.
    From my standpoint, all I can say is, again thanks for giving me a little shine as even critically bad advertisement is better than no advertisement.
    Lastly, I say give a struggling brother a chance.
    I recently released a FREE "mixtape" highlighting some of my unreleased and rare works for those heads more into the lyrical side of things. This "mixtape" (I'm beginning to despise the term) was compiled and masterfully mixed by Lord Faz of the Beattrotterz, and can be found at:

    Yes it won't be for everyone, but I'm trying and improving with every release.
    Much respect and continued success Tortoise General!
    12:51 (aka RacecaR)