Monday, January 7, 2013

JG Choice Cut: 9th Wonder "Brooklyn In My Mind"

Greetings. Welcome. This is the series of blog posts where JG recommends a track and I review it. The guy has pretty good taste in music except that recently he recommended two Frank Ocean songs ("Pink Matter" & "Pyramids") which I won't review becasue this is a hip hop blog and I hate R&B. Honestly, Pandora is always trying to throw Frank Ocean tracks into my Kendrick Lamar mix and I'm always hittin' "DISLIKE" as quickly as I can. Fuck that singing shit. 

Anyway, we all know who 9th Wonder is. Some of you like him, some of you don't. I do like him. He's a good producer. So this song is a compilation track in the vien of the great Crooklyn Dodgers. I guess this is our generation's version of the team, and we get Mos Def, Memphis Bleek, and Jean Grae. Eh. I don't really like any of those guys. Maybe Jean Grae a litte, but not that much....this might not be so good. Let's find out. 

I have a theory that if you sample Biggie, your song is automatically dope. However, the Curtis Mayfield sample used all through this track is (1) tired and (2) boring. So the MC's need to step up and crush some home runs.

First verse is boring, I think it's by 9th.
Jean Grae is technically good, but not all that fun to listen too.
Memphis Bleek is the best of the track, but it's not that good.
Where was Mos Def?

Eh. This track is the pits. Not hittin'. You gotta remember that music representing Brooklyn music is some of the hardest out there. If you're going to represent Brooklyn you gotta come correct. This shit is just weak.

Here's a good Brooklyn Track:

I'm not even a Jay-Z fan, but I know dope when I hear it. Go hard. Come again.  

Skip ahead to 2:20 for one of favorite Brooklyn tracks, the beat is insane. Plus, I shot a man in Brooklyn just to watch him die. Yep.

In Conclusion: You gotta bring it if your talking that Brooklyn shit. Nothing was brought here.


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