Wednesday, January 30, 2013

U-God's Resume #79, "Here We Come"

--Official Stats--
Artists: The Hillside Scramblers
Song: "Here We Come"
Producer: Leatha Face
Album: UGODZ-ILLA Presents The Hillside Scramblers
Release Date: March 16, 2004

If you think I'm going to review this piece of shit, you've got another thing coming. Sure, I've never heard this song but what are the chances that the fucking Scramblers snunk in a good song at the end of the album. I'll tell you the chance:


It's not going to happen. Now I just want to make a quick point. The Scramblers ALWAYS talk about "banging" things, like every song they "bang" this and "bang" that, but they don't mean it in a Cinemax Midnight Movie way, they mean it in a "shoot a gun" way. But I always think of the Midnight Movie way. So they are always talking about "banging" and now we have a song called "Here We Come". Really, guys? Did nobody teach you about double meanings of terms?

Anyway this song will be crap.

"Here We Come"

HAHAH Just kidding. That wasn't a Hillside Scramblers song, it was a good song. See, Black Sheep starts the song by saying "here they come, yo" which is kind of phat. It's also funny that Black Sheep makes a point to say that they don't hit girls, while U-God is beating on them in every other video. HAHAH Hilarious. Black Sheep is so good. Oh shit! They have a song with Show & A?

I'm with the Black, black, black too.

IN CONCLUSION: Nice! It was so fun listening to Black Sheep and not Hillside Scramblers. We should have done this a long time ago. Should we look at the Scramblers song at least?

HAHAHA! Pure trash. "Oh no! Watch out here they come" is absolutely right. Is that DJ yelling on the album version? I hope not. It makes a bad song unbearable. HAhAh. It probably is like that.

E.F.F.E.C.T. Score: 6/10
Hillside Scramblers Track Score: 0/10
U-God’s Score: 0/10
Impact on Rep (+,-,=): None (nobody heard this)

Next Week: The last Scramblers song. Then we can shut down the blog forever.
About this series: “U-God’s Resume" is a series of posts which looks at each line of U-God’s entire career to determine if his status as ‘wack’ is justified (as labeled by internet morons). I think it is not. U-God is dope. We'll prove it. Leave it to the Tort Team.

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