Monday, January 14, 2013

Why not "Stay Fly 'Til I Die"?

"LOVE the shirt" - Guy at mall airbrush booth
Yeeeaaahhhh! Fot the first time it's going down in history. What's your problem? Don't like 3-6? Neither do I. I do like 8Ball & MJG and I don't care who knows it. Anyway it's Monday and I've got nothing so I'm posting this. Enjoy. Then we'll talk about it.

That chorus is really something, right? But you know what else is something? All the edits on this song! Holy shit! It doesn't make any sense. I can't believe that this was on the radio at one point.  It's almost an instrumental. 4Realz. Let's just check the lyrics:

"Riding in the car with some bumper in the trunk"

"DJ Paul is a dog, one you do not trust,
You leave your ???? around me,
your ???? gon get ????.
You leave your drank around me,
believe your drank gon get drunk up."


"Gotta keep one eye on the Po-po,
Close the window when I
???? ???? ????.
Know they mad cuz I'm
???? ???? ????.
This that ???? ????,
not pretendo."

So fun. No pretendo.  Now, we all agree that the chorus for this song is excellent, but please allow me to let you in on the chorus I sing while I play this song:

"Juicy J makes me anxioussss---ssss-ssss-ssss
DJ Paul  makes me anxioussss---ssss-ssss-ssss
Crunchy Black makes me anxioussss---ssss-ssss-ssss"

AHAHAH! I don't EVER sing anything. I even had to look up the guys names who are in Three 6 (and I just watched the video which featured all their names). Also: NOBODY MAKES ME ANXIOUS, I MAKE YOUR ASS ANXIOUS.

IN CONCLUSION: It's a sad truth that nobody knows the members of Three 6 Mafia. Juicy J? Project Pat? Gangsta Boo? Flocka Flame? WHO KNOWS? It's a mystery of the universe. At least I can tell who's who in 8Ball & MJG, and that's some comforting shit.

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