Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rampage "Flipmode iz da Squad"

Drop it! Ladies and gentlemen. Yo. Yo! YO! Remember Rampage? No. He had an album in like 1998? Besties with Busta Rhymes? Founding Member of the Flipmode Squad. Still no. Shit.

Well, kids, sometimes you might hear old timers talk about the Flipmode Squad (or even Busta Rhymes) with reverence and you're like "nah". Well, believe it or not, they had some decent shit. Even some classic shit. This song is their best work, and it was buried on Rampage's generally weak album. But fuck, I bought "Scout's Honor... by Way of Blood" when it came out and I thought it was worth it for this track. It's a crew track where everybody brings heat for almost seven minutes. Everyone kills it. You'll have to see for yourself.

 If your song name boasts how good your crew is, the fucking song had better be dope. This song title boasts that Flipmode is THE squad, and then backs it up on so many levels. Let's check the track first.

That beat is insane. Honestly one of the best beats ever. So ill. Shout to the Electric Prunes (look it up).

So the MC's are Rampage, Serious (who?), Spliff Star, Busta Rhymes, and Lord Have Mercy. Everyone steps up, Busta goes too long and Lord Have Mercy and Serious have a crazy voices. That's their thing. And where in the fuck is the best rapper in the crew Rah Digga? How can you have a Flipmode posse cut and not have your best spitter? That's like going to see the Heat and the LeBron is not playing.

I wonder if Rah was anywhere on Rampage's crap album? Nope. No wonder it sucked.


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