Monday, March 18, 2013

"Can't Truss It" + A Chat

Hi guys. Dag here.  I just want to chat at you for a second about mother fucking spring break which we are taking for the next week or so even though I don't go to school and my grandkids are homeschooled (so no posts). Whatever. Let's chat.

Dag Diligent: Yo. yo. yo.
Readers: Yo!
DD: What's clappin' choads?
R: Not much, how are you.
DD: Well, friends, I've had it. 1hunna.
R: It looks like you need that spring break.
DD: Yeh. Fuck, I'm ready to quit this whole shit.
R: Wha?? What will happen to everyone's favoirite blog? With all the venom and music that nobody careas about and the comments that don't get published.
DD: I'll retire that shit. All of it.
DD: And I don't publish comments (usually) because fuck if I'm going to read that mess. It's like 75% spam, 2% real comments.
R: What's the rest?
DD: How should I know? I said I don't read it.
R: But why? Why quit?
DD: Have you fucking heard Macklemore? That's enought right there, but there is so much more bullshit. French Montana and that guy...Rick Ross. The fucking prision guard. Are you kidding me?
R: I don't think you understand Macklemore.
DD: You're right. Fuck him.
DD: But it's not only that. On the other end we have all these terrible kids who suck at everyhting except biting.
R: You've said all this stuff like a million times before.
DD: I know. That's why I want to quit.
DD: Shut 'em down.
DD: Public Enemy
R: Well, I - - -
DD: I'm just going to cut you off right there and take some medicine in the form of Public Enemy. Ease my suffering.


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