Monday, April 15, 2013

J. Cole "Power Trip" Fan Review

First a Drake video and now a J. Cole video? How we gone soft? No. We were mocking Canada's "finest" and now we reviewing a song by a guy we genuinely respect: J. Cole (due to his skills) and, plus, I wanted to see his new video. Is that a crime, detective? No.

Actually, even though I like J. Cole, I haven't been spinning his shit much lately because even though he has skills, he still raps A LOT about the LADIES and he has a lot of singing. No thank you. Call me for Grown Simba 3 or whatever.

So this video is new to me, as is this song. But it will surprise you to discover that we're not reviewing the video, we're going to see what the commenters have to say on youtube.  People are dumb and their comments are worse. So let's check out the video and then see what people had to say about it.  

J. Cole!

So the video is that Cole kills a dude.

I pulled these comments on April 10, 2013 from the official YouTube upload.

wtf happen indeed. Next.

Hahah! Brian, never change. Except maybe get an education. You're an idiot.

Okay. So there is a lot of this:

I guarantee that this video makes sense without seeing "dreams". Cole is obsessed, Cole murders the boyfriend. What's so hard to understand? Does everyone online think that they're smarter than everyone else (like me)? Does everyone think they have the inside scoop? Good grief. Cole makes this connection in the lyrics of the song, stupid. You suck and your ability to figure out that this song ties into another song is silly, and then you tell everyone like you cured cancer? Did you also know that R. Kelly has a shit load of songs that fit together? Did you?

But these countless idiots are no match for the stupidity of the people who actually need to point out that Miguel is not actually dead:

Are you kidding me, whatsupin2012, you freaking jackass?

Really? That is so interesting. A makeup artist! Is her day job at Macy's or a funeral home?

And some good news:

Keep it up, Nyjae!

Yeah. I hate those two groups of people and I'm definitely not in either group at all.

Gary Perkins, do you have anything smart to add?

HAHA! Classic Gary. This video shows police harassment at its worst: a cop pulls over a suspicious vehicle (and checks the trunk (with consent apparently)) and then he lets them go. What a jerk. The funny thing is that the cop was actually right about his suspicions...he had two murderers there, so he was literally doing the job the community pays him to do. I'm no fan of police, but in this case, Muguel's family might want some answers.... Anyway, Gary, you're a genius. We might be able to be friends! Let's check your other comments...

HOLY SHIT! Never mind. I'm a WELL DOCUMENTED Nelly hater, and this is unforgivable. We can never be friends. I hope you end up in St. Louis some day. It's the worst.

IN CONCLUSION: What a lot of fun we had together doing this. To J. Cole, make better music. To J. Cole's fans: you're stupid, 3 hunna.


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