Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We Got Something New! Big Bad Baragon "Hustle"

This week is #goat! Truth.

Well, maybe not that good. But it's up there. Why? We're focusing on good hip hop ONLY this whole week, no bullshit at all (except for a U-God review, but other than that: all good). And to keep things solid at the front end of the week we've got a new cut from the king of Newburgh, New York: Big Bad Baragon. This guy has established himself as a dope track-dealer and a gifted lyricist, so we officially look forward to his shit. Let's go....

Nice. See, besides mic skills, I would compliment Big Bad Baragon on his beat selection skills. This guy knows what he is doing. Shout to Hexsagon on the beat too, it's mean (like your step dad).

A for the lyrics, Baragon brings it tough:

As long as I'm alive I'm a'be stepping for perfection 
My future looking fly like the Jetson's
The road's ahead, so I hold my head
'til I got enough dough to make a loaf of bread

Second verse...Uh, wait does he tell his mother that he's willing to kill for money. Don't tell her that! She doesn't want to know! Just bring her the checks and when she asks where they came from, yell "I been workin'" and walk out. Slam the door. She doesn't need to know. #Parents! #smh!

Whatever, this is another dope track. I think we should take a closer look at Hexsagon at some point as well, shit might be dope. . 


BRRRRRRERRTT! (car breaks) Wait a minute. I was just checking on Hexsagon's beats (which are good) and I found a Hall & Oates beat. What!?

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