Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Odd Future Mysteries: The Case of the Snow Ghost

Needing a break from their busy touring schedule, music production, and general mischief, the Odd Future team arrived at the Timberline Lodge, a spooky ski resort set high in Canadian Rockies for some winter recreation. When they checked in, the chuckling lodge owner, Mr. Davis, warned them to keep their doors and windows locked, or the "Snow Ghost" would get them and turn them into ghosts.  Of course the Odd Future team, being jaded and distrustful teenagers scoffed at the idea.  But as soon as Mr. Davis left the Snow Ghost itself showed up outside the window.  Stunned, the Odd Future team gace chase, but the specter disappeared into the woods.

Strangely, they discovered that the Ghost left giant tracks in the snow.  So they fired up their snowmobiles and followed the trail.  Eventually they caught up to the ghost, but as they got close they were forced to slow down as they approached a deep ravine.  Forced to come to a stop, Odd Future was astonished when the ghost glided right through thin air to the other side and disappeared into the woods.

Not being a team of suckers, Odd Future eventually made it to the other side of the ravine and started following the tracks again, this time they were led to a cave furnished with Tibetan objects. Confused by this turn of events the team was about to give up when Syd the Kyd rang a gong out of boredom, which summoned the cave's occupant, Fu-lan Chi, a refugee from the Himalayas who told them the true story of the Snow Ghost.  Fu-lan revealed that the apparition was actually the ghost of a Yeti.  When Fu-lan encountered the Yeti long ago in Asia, he was attacked, but managed to push it in a crevasse where it fell to its death. But his escape was short-lived, for the Yeti's ghost returned to seek its revenge on him and even followed him to the Canadian Rockies.

Of course, the Odd Future team doubted Fu-lan Chi's story and wanted to investigate further.  After leaving the mysterious cave Frank Ocean quickly discovered a new set of Snow Ghost tracks, this time covered in sawdust.  Once again the team followed them only to discover a creepy deserted sawmill. They split up to investigate, but trouble quickly found them.  Hodgy Beats disappeared down a trap door, while the Snow Ghost grabbed Syd the Kyd.  As the rest of the team looked for clues, the great sawmill came alive and started processing wood!  Tyler, the Creator spotted Syd the Kyd hopelessly chained to a log and moving down a giant conveyor toward a giant buzz saw. Moving quickly, Tyler, the Creator managed to pull her out of danger as they slid down the belt into a freezing lake.  The Snow Ghost angrily sent another log after them; this one was packed with dynamite.  Tyler, the Creator and Syd the Kyd dove down into the cold water at the last second and barely escaped the fiery explosion.

Regrouping later, Tyler, the Creator and Syd the Kyd met up with Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt.  At first Odd Future were grateful to be safe, but suddenly Hodgy Beats appeared before them, pale and moaning like a phantom. Fortunately the event was brief as he quickly returned to his normal color and collapsed into a pool of water.  As the water slowly turned ghost-white, Syd the Kyd theorized that Hodgy Beats was not actually transformed into a ghost, as Mr. Davis would have them believe, but was sprayed with a white substance to make him look like a ghost. As Domo Genesis started to speculate that, maybe, the Snow Ghost wasn't a phantom either, the Snow Ghost suddenly appeared and chased them. Frightened, Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt and Syd the Kyd ducked behind a pile of logs and were able to escape the ghostly snow monster.  This turned out to be a lucky break because as they were hiding Earl Sweatshirt discovered a hollow log filled with diamonds and jewelry.

Just as the Snow Ghost was about to give up its search for the Odd Future team it noticed Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator running toward a snowmobile.  Gliding upright a few inches above the snow the ghost quickly gained ground on our heroes, but they managed to start the machine and escape just in time, racing over the frozen lake.  As they raced away from danger they noticed that the water from the ice was sticking to them and freezing them like popsicles.  Not wanting to fall victim to the Snow Ghost they raced on, but were eventually frozen into a block of solid ice. 

After the Snow Ghost disappeared, Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt and Syd the Kyd raced out on the lake to the frozen duo to chip them out.  Stunned, frozen, and defeated the Odd Future team was about to call it quits, but Hodgy Beats had an idea: they'll lure the Snow Ghost to a place where they can quick-freeze it by dumping a tub of water on it, and then they’ll get to the bottom of this mystery.
Hodgy Beats comes up with a plan!

As they set their trap near the cave entrance the Snow Ghost suddenly appeared behind Tyler, the Creator, Domo Genesis acted fast and tipped the tub of water right on the ghost, but the plan failed because the water froze too quickly and just dumped ice cubes on the Ghost. Acting fast, Earl Sweatshirt grabbed the Ghost and pulled him to the ground, but the ghost was incredibly strong and started manhandling Earl. Not wanting to see his friend hurt, Hodgy Beats catapulted an enormous snowball at Earl and the Ghost, knocking them to the ground. They rolled down the steep slope, tangling up the rest of the Odd Future Team in the giant snowball before crashing into a cliff face.  Dazed but unhurt the team sat in the snow pile trying to sort out what happened when they realized that the Snow Ghost was sitting with them, also dazed.  Syd the Kyd noticed something odd about this Snow Ghost and reached for a seam on the back of its neck.  Removing a mask the team revealed the Snow Ghost to be Mr. Davis: he and his partner Mr. Leech used Fu-lan Chi's story of the Snow Ghost as a cover for their smuggling operation.  Pulling off his costume they revealed how he managed to float: transparent plastic skis.  Tyler, the Creator restrained the criminal while Domo Genesis called the authorities.  Odd Future saved the day!

Thank God for Odd Future!

Score: 10/10

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