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MAKUSTLE in Boar Accident - Breaking News!

Warning: Image May Contain Korean
BREAKING NEWS (well not breaking, like last week or something): Korean rapper MAKUSTLE was in a car accident with a boar. No he didn't have the boar in the car with him, he somehow hit the the boar with a car. "IS MAKUSTLE OK?" you ask. Sure he is. "WHO IS MAKUSTLE?" you ask. I don't know but I think we should find out, this is quite a thing to happen to someone in the hip hop community. Let's start with the news:

On August 12th, it was reported that hip hop rapper MAKUSTLE was involved in a car accident that left one dancer on board with a fractured spine.
In an interview with the press, a manager from his label explained, “At 11:49 PM, MAKUSTLE was on his way back from a concert and was driving through the Youngdong highway when a wild boar the size of 1M ran out onto the street from a tunnel. The car crashed into the boar, leaving the car partially destroyed. The car collided with the guard rail about five to six more times before coming to a stop.”
He continued, “At the time, there were a total of seven people in the car. MAKUSTLE was not injured, but a female dancer sitting in the back fractured her spine. She was rushed to the emergency room immediately.”
Traffic police who removed pulled the deceased boar from the scene remarked that the accident could have escalated into something more severe, especially with a boar of its size.
Well that's terrible news. I mean MAKUSTLE hit a pig with his car and somehow a SPINE GOT FRACTURED on a person in the car? I'm not clear how that happened but wow. That's not funny and our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. That's terrible luck. I guess the boar was "1M" whatever the hell that means, so I guess that could do some damage and cause anyone to hit the guard rail a bunch of times. Oh, THIS is what that means...that's like a horrible monster from some movie.


Also there is the question of the "wild boar" coming out of a tunnel. Now here in America we don't really have wild boar tunnels and if we did we wouldn't put them next to the Youngdong highway or whatever. We would put them in a remote location, son. Also, what the fuck is up with that highway name. Good grief Korea, really? Well, that's it for the news, now on to MAKUSTLE and who he is.

I would assume that MAKUSTLE is a somewhat big name in Korea since he has shows and a car full of backup dancers (how do you fit 7 people in a car?). Maybe he is big time, who knows? He has an album called "Turn It Up":

Add hilarious Q*bert Joke - EDITOR
Let's check out a song, I think it's either called Key or it might be Im SangHo, but really, does it matter? Oh, before you bail there is some English...and it's delightful:

Holy CRAP. I don't like that! "I just want to HUG YOU DOWN!!!" WHAT? I mean there are plenty of people that any of us would want to "hug down" but what does that mean? I mean the rest of track sounds okay, well except for the beat and the chorus and the singing, uh, the raps sound confident but who wants to hear about hugging down? Nobody ever. Hug this down.

Okay, on tho the next one..."Believe In Me":

Makustle (ft. Weo Re) - Believe In Me (나만... by Rinoa_Selphie

ANOTHER HUG SONG? What is it with Makustle and hugs? I mean this song is like a hug, its so light and sweet, but it's terrible. Really bad. "But you can't understand what they're saying becasue it's in Korean" - You. That's true, but IT MAY AS WELL BE IN ENGLISH BECASUE I FEEL LIKE I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE SONG IS ABOUT BESIDES FREE HUGS. I'll just assume that this is a great song and that our cultural differences are keeping me from liking it. That goes for you too, okay? So you like it, and you like hugs. So go hug somebody down.

Okay, that's enough of this. We sincerely wish MAKUSTLE and his injured dancer a speedy recovery! A hug just might hit the spot after hitting a wild boar, who knows (not me). So share some hugs and stay away from the Youngdong highway! That goes for everyone.

Accident Score: 0/10
Key Score: 0/10
Believe In Me Score:0/10

Go ahead and bling it out.
And to my Korean Readers:

MAKUSTLE 멧돼지에 의해 막을이며 왕이 왕실입니다. 그에게 설탕 사탕포옹.

경례 거북이

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