Friday, August 19, 2011

Yo! Anne Hathaway Raps!

Okay this video shouldn't even be on here because it's a viral video and it's just dumb, but one of our young bonehead interns found it and likes Batman or whatever and put it up without permission from the board or the editor. Needless to say that intern has been fired and we had his car towed to an unknown location. So now we'll all just have to suffer through this and write it up the best we can. It is Friday so give us a break (TGen).

I'll warn you this is very tough to watch. It's Anne Hathaway thinking that she can rap cuz she's and entertainer or whatever. After all, anyone can rap - its not a skill or an art to be mastered. You just write a funny rap in your mansions, then rehearse in your limo and it's as good as anyone else. The funny thing is she says that it's in the style of "Little Wayne", she should say that it's in the QUALITY of "Little Wayne" (burn). To me it's more in the style of Niki Minaj but who cares. Okay, see if you can sit through this.

Why was the crowd going crazy? Are they star struck or something? Is that a thing? Well I'm not star struck. This is insulting. Hey Anne Hathaway STOP RAPPING! Go back on vacation in Italy or whatever you do. Enjoy your yacht. Well at least she's talking about something that  we can all relate to: millionaire stuff. Paparazzi and whatever. And she did such a good job. Just great rhymes and flows. Extra Large!

Okay, off to make the doughnuts, minimum wage status. I'll write a quick funny rap about stealing a few doughnuts to feed my kids so they at least get some nourishment today. Oh that and Paparazzi. Those two things weight heavily on my mind.

Anne Hathaway Score: 0/10
Rap Score: 0/10

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