Monday, September 26, 2011

Question Review for #AskNas!

Nas is one the best MCs ever to do it (even taking into account his 1997 – 2000 slump). This is not up for debate. So, take a hike debate teams (like anyone smart enough to be on a debate team would read this blog, right?). But what makes Nas an even better MC? Marketing! You gotta keep your name out there to sell mad amounts of records. So sometimes Nas logs on to Twitter and just takes questions from his fans, which is a really cool thing to do. I could do a post about his best answers (he’s got some interesting ones), or I could do a post on the insulting (and hilarious) questions he gets, like this:

"RT @Nas Can you twitpic the time niggas caught you rocking two watches?"
Two watches? What? I would love to see that twitpic! We all would! Nas didn't answer that one. But I can do better than just repeating other people who create funny shit. This blog can do better! Let's review other people being stupid! Let's look at all the stupid and pandering questions from Nas "fans". We all know that fans are the worst and apparently have some sort of brain damage.

Now, Nas didn't answer any of these questions (for good reason) and also this Q&A session happened a long time ago, but it's 100% real. Let's just go get it:
"#asknas how's it feel like holding the NY throne and being king B) ?" - @hollaatyoguala
Yeah Nas, how does it feel like? 
"@Nas can you give me tickets to your shoe in Philly....please #AskNas" - @EBstylin
That's what I was going to ask (I love shoes).
"#askNAS who's one of the greatest rappers of all time... He SHOULD say himself" - @thePoWer_RangeR
That's a good question! Also, what's your question again?

Smart People
On the flip side, I guess there were some REALLY smart people asking questions as well!
"Whats 'hu' whats 'man' whats 'human'? RT @nas: #asknas" - @MsSVY12
Final Jeopardy, Nas? Answer in the form of a question.
"#asknas what where u thinking of when you made rewind concept and how the lyrics was placed was on point not easy to write." @jayshaw1
Great question! Better than I could ask.
 "@Nas What would you do if you ruled the world? #AskNas" @Saqism
Let me answer that for you Nas, wait what's that? You wrote and ENTIRE SONG ABOUT THAT TOPIC AND ANSWERED THAT QUESTION SPECIFICALLY? You don't say. It's even called "If I Ruled the World"! I can't take this anymore...wait:
"#AskNas what would you do if hip hop should die before you wake?" @MikePasquarose
Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

J. Cole

There were also a lot of J. Cole questions for some reason:

"#AskNas what do you think on J.cole? you and him are alike" - @Mustafanator
Can you just let the man answer Mustafanator?

"Are you gonna with @JColeNC anytime soon @nas #asknas" @kastel
"@nas are you on J. Cole's LP? #AskNas" @L_Boogy09
Is this seriously something people want? I'd rather Cole do it on his own without guest appearances (except maybe his boy Omen). Nas is too busy for this. Next...Actually, I'll just call it quits here. Take it from me EVERY QUESTION was stupid and so is this post. Thanks for reading!

#AskNas Score 2/10  

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