Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Done LMFAOing

This is what we're up against people:

"Oh, U juss don't get it, lulz" - Everyone. No I don't. Show me the door I want to leave. Somebody help me out of this trash heap. Pull me from this festering wasteland…this filthy wound that knows no limits of offence. Please! Someone release me from the horrid after-vomit bile that LMFAO is spewing out onto the masses. FREE ME FROM A WORLD WHERE THIS EXISTS. HELP ME! PLEASE.

“That Dag Diligent Boy iz dum. Hez juss playin’ – itz juzz a cool party song 2 get ur dance moves up” – Everyone. Nope. This is not a song. It’s a cancer, a heap of rotting parasitic disease that the pawns of Geffen Records pour into your ears to infect your brain and distort your perception of reality. Redfoo and Sky Blu bring dishonor and disgrace on all the people of the world. They deliver our doom…and it’s wrapped in a ridiculous jacket and topped with revolting sunglasses and soiled hair…and you love it. You open it and consume it like a starving man receiving a scrap of bread, you don’t care what it is or who it came from – it’s bread. A decaying lump of leavened bread, covered in putrid mold and filled with toxins. ENJOY YOUR LMFAO, YOU DESERVE IT WORLD. KEEP ON PARTY ROCKING WHILE WE SPIN INTO POVERTY AND OBLIVION. LMFAO AT THAT.

Oh, one other thing: the unlce of LMFAO owns Clear Channel or something, which is the company that owns all the radio stations, so why do you like this?

Party Rock Anthem Score 0/10
Mankind Score 0/10
Point my life was driven to when I saw this: ROCK BOTTOM

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