Monday, January 30, 2012

Layzie Bone Sued in Missouri - Breaking News!

Hold on to that mic!

Q: How can you tell that it’s a slow news day and also a Monday (frowny face)?

A: When we are breaking old news about Layzie Bone injuring the face of a fan in Missouri! That’s what happened at some point recently, I guess!

Let’s get to the story. Kick us off CBS news from St. LOLuis:
Lead singer Layzie Bone, and his traveling rap group “Bone, Thugs-n-Harmony” are being sued by a Columbia Missouri woman.
HAhahaha. Yep. “lead singer”! “traveling rap group”! “Missouri”! Hahaha. CBS has it's finger on the pulse of Missouri hip hop. Being sued is not a good thing at all, but maybe we should see what happened exactly?

Let’s ask
“she alleges the star "lost control of the microphone, launching it into the crowd" and it struck her on the head.“
I’m sure that hurt really bad and you’ll probably get all the money from Bone (which at this point is probably about 35 bucks – they are playing in Columbia, Missouri, after all...not Madison Square Garden. Geez.” I’ve never even heard of Columbia, Missouri, where is this hip hop magnet?

Hahahha! I'm pretty sure there are two cities in Missouri (St. Louis and Kansas City, and this is as far away from both of them as possible). I see the come-back strategy that Bone was probably going for: Start touring in the middle of the country and let the Harmonious Thuggary spread. Then make some new good songs and then get the paper. It was so easy and it would have worked if Layzie Bone could have kept that microphone under control. CBS:
[the plaintiff] was standing near the front row at the Blue Note in Columbia when Layzie Bone began flinging the microphone, hitting her in the head.
I want to make it clear that we’re not blaming or doubting the victim or accusing Mr. Bone of any wrongdoing, but still. If you’re on stage you’ve only got a few responsibilities: (1) rap good AND (2) don't lose control of the one thing you’re holding (haven’t you been doing this for like thirty years, Layzie?).

I have to wonder what song was being performed? Was it Crossroads? Or this maybe:


IN CONCLUSION: I like Bone just fine (in 1998), but this news is a little depressing for all of us. I mean, why is Bone performing in some crappy city in one of the worst states? Is Missouri the best you can do? Are you that hard up for money fellas? Also, are there people who still want to pay to see Bone perform? Really? You still need your 1st of Tha Month and Creepin’ on ah Come Up fix? Foe tha Love of $? Good GRIEF! Uh, also to the victim: Bone ain’t got no money. Duh.

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