Friday, March 30, 2012

We Got Something New! The Stack Boys "Snapbacks"

I would hate to let you go into your weekend without some $WAG. Let's get stupid, it's TGIF. Let's get punk'd! $ta¢k Boy$ STAND UP!

All I wear is


You know, not long ago this would have made me quite mad. In fact, a few seconds ago this would have made me mad. Especially when I saw the MANSION that these kids seem to have and the giant TV that they have, and the PROFESSIONAL recording equipment. Hey kids, you've got the good life. You can wear only sanpbacks if you want to. Most of us are struggling to make it check to check and

Do we really need a bunch of rich preteens flaunting their parent's wealth? No.

But then I had a thought that made me VERY HAPPY! If these freeloading kids are wasting their time on this nonsense (which is basically a commercial for the things they found at the mall), then they're not spending their time in school learning how to exploit working people. These kids were future oppressors, now they have no future in oppression thanks to them spending their time making dumbass videos that nobody wants to see. Keep wasting your time kids! See you in the unemployment line! The rich get dumber in this case! Power to the people.


P.S. I also like how one of the $ta¢k Boy$ points out that it's stupid to rap about "drugs" and "actin' like a thug" but then proceeds to rap about hats and shoes and money for five minutes. He's mad at people acting hard in their songs, but then goes on to rap about driving Porsches when he is clearly nine years old. Not stupid at all.

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