Monday, April 2, 2012

Yo! Check Out My Cover: CAKO "The Cakeover"

Hi there. Welcome to the Tortoise General Blog! This is another post in our ongoing series which examines the cover art of mixtapes. Dumb shit! We don't listen to the album at all, we're just jerks all around with eyes that see bad covers. Enjoy.

---Official Stats---
Artist: CAKO
Album: "The Cakeover" (mixtape)
Released: January 25, 2010
Listens: 143

Let me start with a little message to all the CAKO fans out there: I mean no disrespect, I've never heard of CAKO or FOUR OH EIGHT and this cover caught my attention becasue what is that dripping off of the title? Mayo?

Well, the guy looks normal enough (is he on Storage Wars?), except for that scarf. A Scarf? What is the world coming to? Kids today right? CAKO today. I suppose that I can look past whatever fine fabrics a man drapes around his neck. Let's move on to the expression on his face. He's clearly confused. "How in the fuck did I end up here and what is this shit all around me?" - CAKO. I'm sure he's happy though. He has a ton of cake boxes filled up to overflowing with money. That's a lot of cash. Plus the boxes are nice...hearts and shark fins (for DJ KEN). It's a nice situation. Normal rap stuff. Loads of pink boxes piled all around filled with cash and a confused rapper. Perfect.

Let's see...what else. Oh! Why not get a bank account? Might I interest you in a savings account? Yields and whatnot?

Were the cash stacks obtained illeagally? Sure they were. Why not. CAKO looks shady enough for me. But why not put the cash in neat stacks? It would be easier to manage. Speaking of managing. Does CAKO manage a cake bakery? So he uses the boxes to distribute illegal money somehow? Are kids in the streets selling something then sending the cash back to him in the boxes? Or does he send out the boxes of cash from his bakery? What if a young couple came in and wanted a wedding cake, could CAKO help them out? Maybe the boxes are just for strorage of cash from his bakery. I don't know. I do know that if someone sees a cake box the're probably going to open it to get some cake. Mayby CAKO should use boxes for something people like less and aren't as tempted to open...maybe mixtape cases?

So that's it. EXCEPT FOR THE CAKE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: WHAT IS WITH THAT ALBUM NAME? The Cakeover? That's the worst. I mean CAKO is an okay rap alias. I guess. Who cares, but the CAKEOVER is just terrible. It sounds like an ice cream flavor, or maybe a gum..i don't know. When did it become okay to be so weak on your title? How about just calling it the Takeover? That doesn't sound dumb at all. Sure it's tired, but at least it doesn't have anything to do with cake. This new genreation has me dissapointed.

Coover Art Score 0/10

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