Monday, April 30, 2012

JG Choice Cut: The Illz "Weightless (Alamar)"

Check it out, check it out, check it out now. Trife life got me livin' like an animal. It's time to build and add on. Word. I think we have officially dropped the #NP post series because they took FOREVER to put together and I didn't like working on one post every single day and still missing my deadline. That's really unfortunate because I honestly think that those posts were my favorite since they featured so many good tracks in one place. Too bad. Those were the good old days. The best old days.  

So, now we're changing it up and letting one of our staff, JG, post his choice cuts. I might not always agree with his picks,  and you might not always agree with his picks, but they are what they are. He'll pick 'em, and I'll say a few* words about them.
*knowing me that means a million words.

I'll go ahead and mention that I am a little nervous about this series for two reasons. First, even though JG is a regular contributor and a long time friend, he and I have had some major fights which have led to us disbanding before, so that could happen again. Fingers crossed that ti does not. Second, he likes new R&B which I HATE, so we might be showcasing some of that stuff. Sad face emoticon, and literal sad face on my face.

Enough talk, let's get it:

For our first post, JG has selected a track I genuinely like from The ILLZ. Is that a guy or a group? I don't know! I think it's a guy from the Dominican Republic who is pretty new on the scene, but so far his shizz has been off the train. This is a good track from the kid...


 JG is a Tort Team Official representing Detroit, MI. He is a music enthusiast and a rec room wrecker. #Salute

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