Friday, May 11, 2012

Track Checker: Nino Bless "Tribute to Bone Thugs"

AHOY BOZOS! You look about as weird as an elderly man on a cell phone. That being said, it's time to continue "1st of tha Month Week" by changing things up and looking at a recent Bone Thugs-N-Harmony tribute song from Brooklyn native and Slaughterhouse reject Nino Bless. Just what the world has been waiting for!

Nino Bless. That guy. The Latin Gunner. NY Native. Something about Slaughterhouse. Something about Kool G Rap. Who cares? He's a new generation rapper with a decent recent mixtape. THE DECENT RECENT! AIRHORN!!! I can't believe that came up out my head. Sluuurreed! 

So what does this young guy have to do with the baby boomer group BONE THUGS N HARMONY? I'm glad you asked. You're very curious.

His latest mixtape "The Latin Marksman" has a track called "Tribute to Bone Thugs"! That's the same thing we're trying to do with this week kind of! I always knew that Nino Bless and the Tortoise General would agree on something BIG, I just didn't know what. Now I do: tributes to BONE! Also, I don't think I've ever heard a str8 up tribute song before on a hip hop album. Maybe that one Puffy song for BIG? Or something for Pun. I don't think those are in the same category as this though, because everyone who was in Bone is still living. So this might be a hip hop first? I doubt it. Let's go! Bloggerhouse stylez.

That's a lot of guitars! And what does he mean when he says that he "had" to do a tribute song? Was he forced? Is a forced tribute less of a tribute?

The beat isn't great. It's not bad, but it also doesn't have enough bump. They traded the boom for the epic feel. I can live with that, but it will reduce the spinz.

The vocal levels are way off, the boy needs some mastering. Word. And the flow is a little choppy, maybe that's Nino's style (it is), but it makes some of the lines hard to digest (at the beginning of the song anyway). But as usual with Nino, the shit is decent. Everything is going along just like a normal song (not having much to do with Bone) and then BAM! It starts having to do with Bone. A lot. I'm hearing a legitimate Bone flow. It almost sounds like a guy from Bone is rapping. GOOD JOB? I can't understand the raps, just like the real Bone! I like that. This song really picks up.

The song goes from normal to great. I definitely prefer this to recent work from the real BONE! Nino Bless out boned Bone! Very nice job indeed.

IN CONCLUSION: Let's just wrap up 1st of tha Month week with the words Nino Bless uses to close out his tribute...

"Shout out to Bone Thugs N Harmony
One of the most original...groups - artists
of our time...probably ever
in any realm. Yeh!"

Also shout to Nino Bless. Yeh!


Here's the whole mixtape (if you're interested), it's good. There is some fire on here, Nino is a mad smart rapper (but the vocals could use some more finishing or something, I don't know, ask a producer like DJ U-NEEK).

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