Monday, June 11, 2012

Trackmasters: Rasheed & Ill Advised ""

Get your scuba gear, it's time to dig deeep in the crates. Today we were going to make it really complicated and review an obscure remix of an underground song! We ran into a big problem though: the song was impossible to track down online, and I no longer have the CD. The OTHER big problem was that I didn't remember what CD it was on. I only remembered that the song was called "", it was some Philly shit, Black Thought was on it, and it was on a remix tape. There were a lot of questions, but nothing that we couldn't handle. Let's crack the case like Matlock, son.

Thanks to a quick internet search, I discovered that the song that I wanted to hear is called " West/South/North Philly Mix". I don't know how I would have forgotten that, it's such a normal title. Then I put it together that I had heard this song on the 1999 Sway and King Tech mixtape "This or That" (of course). Sway and Tech are (were?) radio DJ's in San Francisco and released several of these mixtapes, I bought this one becasue RZA has a verse on the song The Anthem (which is on some recycled shit). To my surprise, the best track of the album was this  remix, which nobody will ever hear because it no longer exists. P.S. Yes, this is the SWAY from Mtv (you know, those toady poser goons).

Well, we're going to review SOMETHING. So, forget the Flynamic Force! Let's see if we can track down any version of this song.

How about we just check out the original from Rasheed & Ill Advised? Cool idea. Okay, Rasheed is a Philly MC better known today as Maylay Sparks, I don't know who Ill Advised is, but he raps too. Philly shit! Let's quit talking and and spin the shit:

Wasn't that worth the wait? That beat is insane and lyrics are dope. Does it get any better? But the best thing is that you'e never heard this shit before. It's new! But it's still old. Golden era. SCORE 9/10

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