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Track Checker: Cam'ron "What Means The World To You"

"Killa. Killa. Killa. Killa. Killa. Kill you dog. Killa Dog. I’ll kill you dog. Dog."
HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to the Tortoise General Fun Hip Hop Blog! We’re so glad you made it. We’re happy you’re here. Hi! Today we’re going to review a song from everyone’s favorite Grammy Nominated Harlemite: CAM’RON. Put ya hands up! Put ya gunz up!
The song is “What Means The World To You”  from his super old album "S.D.E." (2000), and I know that I’ll be disappointed by whatever that stands for, but I guess that we should find out to maintain our reputation of being the best…Sports, Drugs & Entertainment. That’s ridiculous. Why abbreviate that? Why name an album that? Sports is a form of entertainment. This is going to be a long review.

I respect Killa Cam (believe it or not), but I’m not a fan Cam’ron or Dipset. I see it like this: these guys are true to hip hop, but I genuinely don’t like their work. The main problem (besides the terrible lyrics) is the flow. Actually, it's especially the flow and especially the lyrics, but mainly the flow. The whole set flows like a motor sputtering out. Their spit sounds so random that I wouldn’t think that it could even be duplicated, yet the whole set does it verse after verse, album after album.
As for this song, I'm sure you already know it, it’s the one with the beat from “Roxanne” by the Police. "You don't have to put on that dress tonight". Which leads me to ask: why this beat? It's the weirdest beat. Did you love it when Puffy took that beat from "Every Breath You Take"? And you thought you could kind of do the same thing? I don't know, but I bet this beat cost a fortune. So, let's find out, was it worth it?
Gather the kids, get your mom on speakerphone, and let's listen to "What Means The World To You" by Cam'ron! Plus we have an OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO which we'll cover at the same time, but I'm posting both versions because I want to enjoy all the lyrics! Listen to them both all the way through. Enjoy yourself. Take a break, you deserve it!
"What Means The World To You"
Edited first, here is the unedited!

I like the edited version so much better because I didn't have to hear all the terrible lyrics! There was so much editing that I had very little idea what anyone was talking about! Especially Keema, I don't know who she is, and I forgot to mention that she was on this song, and I especially forgot to mention that she is terrible at rapping! She is!

But wait, wait, wait, son...I have to SLOW DOWN! We have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! First of all: That guy at the beginning of the official video says that he LOVES VACATION. NO DUH. Everyone loves vacation meathead. I think that pretty much sums up the attitude of Cam'ron, just say something dumb that everyone agrees with and then get enough money for a Lamborghini Limo and going to the club.

I guess the premise of the video is that Cam'rom goes on vacation to Las Vegas, and then he goes to a strip club in the world's stupidest limo. Just a normal vacation. Book now and save.
Okay, now for the lyrics. Oh, boy. When I hear the question, "what means the world to you?", I take that to mean "What is the most important thing in your life?" OR "What could you not live without?" I guess I would answer that question with my family, maybe some of the people who shaped my life - so you know: irreplaceable people and the memories that I have with them, maybe my experiences helping people. Those mean the world to me. I wonder what Cam'rom and Keema find to be super important?
First line of the song. No shit! That's dissapointing. Seriously? Money? Now, I don't have a lot of any money at all. But I WOULD TRADE ALL THE MONEY I HAVE FOR SOME OF THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. Money SUCKS, it's a means to an end. It enables me to spend time with the people I love. I guess I'm weird. The first verse goes on to list a few things that anyone could buy (with some savings or credit maybe), then there is A LOT of talk about shooting guns. Then he get's to the next thing on his list:

Really? I disagree. This is not my kind of song at all. I hate the beat, I hate the theme, and the flow is the WACKEST. So the verse rambles on and on, then we get to the chorus where the first two items are repeated, and a third item is added to the list:
Really? Have you ever noticed that when you see old pictures of people the thing that really stands out besides the haircuts is how dumb the clothes look. Especially when people were trying to be trendy? Clothes are so stupid. Just look nice, that's it. Then we switch gears and get a woman's perspective. What does Keema consider to be the most important things?

I have to hand it to Keema, she found something even more temporary to place value on than clothing. Hair? That's a mess in a few hours! Just somehow get misted by water and see how your hair looks...or even have some jerk rub a balloon on you head. Static Electricity fucking your shit up! I agree that hair is important, but not even close to the most important. People are so smart and down to Earth, this song proves it.
Now we move on to the next category of "most important" things, and this one I actually agree with:
Yep. That is very, very important. It drives most people most of the time. It makes people do the stupidest things ever, it is a factor in most decisions everyday, and it's what most people think about all the time. Very important. You could argue that everything listed so far is part of the process of getting it. Fine. So that would be the most important thing. But still, I don't think that SEX means the world to many people. It's one of the most important things, but I don't think it means the world. Do you understand? This song is so dumb. 
So Keema lists, uh, certain, uh, acts that mean the world to her, and I'm detecting some record company interference. Check this out: this song is clearly aimed at kids (that's who cares the most about money and sex), so they have Keema talk dirty and the teenage boys love it and buy more Cam'ron becasue when they listen to this song and feel like they roll with Cam, and then they can imagine that Keema is telling her list to them. Kids are so dumb. WISE UP, KIDS. This song is str8 pandering for money, son. There's an idiot born everyday, and some of them like Cam'ron.
What means the world world to you ladies (oh) fellas (ah)
oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah,oh, ah

So far we've been leaning pretty LAME with this bullshit, but now it's time TO GET REALLY WEIRD.
Cam comes in on the second verse and starts talking about his cousin. It's tough to decipher, but it sounds like the cousin is in to Cam sexually, but he isn't in to her. Actually, you know what? I have NO IDEA what this verse is about. None. It's all complete nonsense. The most random shit crammed together in the history of music. It's all bewildering.
WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT CAM'RON? This whole song is gibberish - and I NEVER USE THAT WORD. It's like Cam fills each line with slang that nobody has ever heard, then he makes you wonder if the words are slang at all. Did he mean what he said, or was it code, or was it just someone rapping a list of randomized words?
WHO KNOWS? Another moronic chorus. Then we are blessed with a verse from Keema...and the first line wins worst line of the year. Hoooolllyyyyy Coooowwwww 444444rrrreeeaaaallll!!!

After that rocky start Keema just raps about normal stuff, then Cam comes in and tells her that he doesn't want her "to be no hoe". Thanks dad. What a nerd. Hey Cam'ron, she can do what she wants - shut your trap. But Keema let's him know that she isn't one of those "hoes". Okay. 

Moving on, Keema also likes "cheese shopping sprees" and jewlery (what a surprise and is she in Wisconsin)?
"Thanks for the review!" - Cam'ron

Then we visit the chorus again and then the end. Thank goodness.
IN CONCLUSION: I'm not saying that the song is bad because:
-of the focus on being rich (it is bad for that reason, you wish fulfillment suckaz)
-of the focus on adult relations
-the beat is awful
-the rhymes are stupid
-the flow is offputting

-Keema hit a new low
I'm saying this song is bad becasue it's pandering, lazy rap designed to make money off of a certian idiotic age group who hear "grown up" topics over a popular 80's beat and hand over thier money. You can count me out.

'Got sons guns run run
Make them run run skate take one
From young one's dumb dumbs
Hit wit the dumb dumbs hit wit the stun gun" - Cam'Rom

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