Thursday, July 12, 2012

Track Checker: Salt-N-Pepa "Spinderella's Not A Fella"

Salt-N-Pepa, and their DJ Spinderella. All girls. I never thought anything about it. Three females. No big deal. I never liked any their music but not because of their gender but because of their music not matching my taste. Once again, no big deal. Like everyone else I got some laughs out of "Push It" by making jokes about it, I got uncomfortable with "Let's Talk About Sex", and actively had to tune out "Whatta Man" since it was on the radio every ten minutes.

Needless to say when this song came out WAY BACK IN 1988 I had absolutely no connection with Salt N Pepa so this whole album went way over my head. Since I missed this one, and I missed whatever their first one was called, I had no idea who Spinderella was, but I think it's safe to say that I knew she was not a Fella. Like I said before, it doesn't matter to me if the DJ is a fella or not, I just want to hear dope shit. Spinderella never made it on my radar as dope, but I don't think that's her fault. I never gave her a chance, but if I had known that Salt-n-Pepa made it on their scene with a response to Doug E. Fresh's "The Show"" (with a song cleverly called "The Showstopper") I would have paid a lot more attention. I love response tracks and I love "The Show".

Anyway, apparently Salt-n-Pepa needed to respond to accusations that DJ Spinderella was a Fella, so here is their official response...

Hmmmm....not that good of a song. Iike the DJing stuff, but the MCing stuff is a little generic. I gather that Salt and company were feeling the burden of a male dominated career field and felt the need to prove (or announce) that women could DJ.

I don't like the defensiveness. Like, you don't have to tell me that she's not a fella, just have her cut and we'll know she's a good DJ. You don't need to compare her to men, just have her show her skills (which were as good as anyone else).

"She's gonna fix up anything that's mixed up / When a record gets cut / and the crowd is lift up / you might think it is but....Spinderella's not a fella."Fine. The rest of the song is kind of boring lyrically but I like the point that Spinderella isn't a fella, she's dope. Good call.

IN CONCLUSION: All old school rap sounds pretty similar with a lot of James Brown samples, they definitely needed the DJ to breath life into these boring tracks, and Spinderella does a good job on this track. If it weren't for her cutting this track would be a disaster. Also:



P.S. She was also in Kazaam! apparently!
A Fella

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