Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Got Something New! Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike "Coolest Guys"

THIS AGAIN? I KNOW! Wednesday is supposed to be U-God day here at the amazing Tortoise General Blog, but we're interrupting that shit with some other shit. Krispy Kreme shit! AGAIN! Again?

We, as a family, decided yesterday that we weren't going to post anymore of his trax because they are coming out really often (like once a week). They're still good, but at the same time, slow down. Right? So when I saw that this dropped I was thinking, "no way I'm posting that unless it's really good". And guess what: it's really good. So enjoy it. With your best friend.

OH, hey, internet jackals, let me bold this for you and ALL CAPS: I KNOW THAT KRISPY KREME IS AN ACT PUT ON BY A SERIOUS RAPPER WITH A NORMAL NAME LIKE NORMAN JOHNSON OR SOMETHING. So stop contacting me you stupid ass know-it-alls. "Hey noob - itz a skam -hez acting hez no really dum he had a 3.9 gpa in wisconsin" - like 5 million people. NO SHIT. He's satirizing the sorry state of rap and he's doing a fine job at it. Keep at it.

Like a tight hat...never gon fall off.


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