Monday, August 13, 2012

JG Choice Cut: J. Dilla "Rebirth of Detroit"

In this series of posts, Tortoise General Staffer JG selects a song to get posted on the blog and reviewed by me (Dag Diligent). "What a great idea" - nobody.

So this track isn't really fair and kind of breaks the tradition of this series of posts. Why? Because JG is SUPPOSED to pick songs that I wouldn't normally listen to so that I can be delighted by something new. Today we are going with a track from someone I like, and a song that I definately would have listened to. I have not heard this song yet, but there is a good  chance that I will like it. Great choice JG, you've ruined everything.

"So why not juss pic something else lol #oddfuture #houseofstyle #mtv" - you (on Twitter).

Well, the system is what it is and I can't really go against it. Plus JG is from Detroit, and I've got to give that city some respect for their major contributions to hip hop.  Not to mention that Dilla is the best and I would like to hear any of his shit. Let's go...

WHAT THE HELL? That was just a trailer! A good trailer! But still a trailer. For something that came out like two months ago. I know you Detroit guys love this (so do some Philly guys (me)), but give me the whole track, JG. No trailers.

I'll find it myself...


Now that's good shit. Refreshing. "Army platoon shit! Welcome to Detroit. Welcome back to the unit." Hahaha! You got Bullwhipped. I got bullwhipped. What a good song. Classic video.

Everything works in this song. That beat should be put up as example of what to do behind the boards. Would you expect anything less from Dilla? No. He's a heavyweight. This is legacy shit.

Supa Emcee, Nick Speed, and especially Guilty Simpson kill the shit and we're left with a classic. Dream Team shit.

IN CONCLUSION: I forgive you JG, for sending me a trailer instead of a song. It led me to a track that I should have already been spinning.


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