Monday, August 6, 2012

#NP Dope Cuts 5 - Final Edition

HELL-O Chaps! We quit doing these #NP posts a long time ago for three reasons:

1. They are a lot of work.
2. They weren't being read.
3. Nobody cares.

But as I was looking through the archive I noticed that I had started the #NP post for January and abandoned it without finishing it. So I thought I'd post it up. So I'm not technically playing these songs now. But you best believe that I was playing them toward the end of last year.

Looking back, these are still good tracks. So good job to me! Keep up the good work! I will. Thank you. No problem.

Let's GO!


Yo! This is a really good Cappadonna mixtape. Is Cappa getting better, or are my standards getting lower (hint: Cappa is killing it).

Cappadonna & DJ Monster
Cuban Link King (MIXED BY DJ MONSTER) by cappadonna

This intro is WAY TOO LONG, like two minutes too long, but the track is dope, like too dope...

Lion feat. Young Verse


Whuz up? That's it. Forever.

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